When David (android) beats Goliath (iOS)

The avenue of different mobile operating system and their subsequent growth has transformed the smartphone landscape in the last few years. As per statistics by the International Telecommunication Union, 92 percent smartphone users use either Android or the iOS. Smartphones market crossed a major milestone and the race clearly lies between Android and the iOS after being strong major contenders in the market. There are other mobile operating platforms as symbian, blackberry and windows mobile that exist far behind from Android and iOS. Both the platforms are growing for the better part of a decade and have been undergoing through a huge makeover over the years.

Both these major mobile platforms have been highly forthcoming. But who actually holds the edge depends upon the comparison between its different parameters.The success can be decided by the two key factors:

  • Number of products sold
  • Profit earned.

As per the reports generated, 758,719.9 thousand android devices were sold last year, which is comparatively much higher, as 150,785.9 thousand iOS devices were sold worldwide in FY2013. There is no denying fact that Android devices sold was undoubtedly five times more than the iOS devices sold worldwide. Ironically this data illustrates that Android is definitely a market leader in this regard. Thus, Apple in order to achieve growth and better market penetration has launched it’s iPhone 5C last year. But this launched doomed out even after being a low priced version of iPhone.

Samsung mobiles have covered 65 percent of the total Android market share and are considered as the largest Android device manufacturer globally. Overall revenues of Samsung’s mobile division in the year 2013 comes out to be $117 billion approximately and operating profit was $23 billion approximately, which is relatively 32 percent highest than the previous year. On the contrary, Apple’s iPhone and iPad division were $123 billion, which was approximately 22 percent higher than the previous year. The total revenue for all android devices manufactured against iOS devices was definitely more and thus android appears as an emerging leader in this respect.

The number of downloads is another vital insight that helps us in determining the popularity of of two major platforms. As per results seen in Q2 2013, the number of downloads exceeds Apple App store by 10 percent. Android ad traffic could boost its market lead as the add traffic in the first quarter of 2014 was 42.83 percent. therefore, App developers are focusing more towards Android devices rather than the iPhone. 71 percent of Mobile app developers chose Android as their primary platform, whereas 59 percent prefer iOS. The tech giants as Gameloft or EA creator of Asphalt racing game series is expected to launch an IOS and an Android version of Game thereby realizing the power of Android in terms of attraction and monetisation.

Publishers, in order to broadcast their books prefer android platform as their top priority.The popular black book series for Android app development has assured to engrave the Android Application Development book ahead of the iOS Black Book. The debate among the tech giants will never come to an end, but according to the above mentioned trends, Android is far beyond than iOS in all respects other than revenues. But who knows what would forthcoming time will exactly bring and who will set the pace in this competitive environment.

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