Wearable technology and internet of things in post mobility era.

The current ecosystem of computing is going through a post PC era with major emphasis being laid on mobility. But as technology is a fast moving entity, there is a shift taking place towards more engaging and personalised type of computing. Market leaders like Intel have taken cognizance of that fact which is why they have been pushing forward the ecosystem of connected devices as well as wearable technology. During CES 2014, there would be much emphasis on these type of technologies in order to create a core fabric of our digital lives with the help of passive collating of data.

The future would lie with micro devices that can do fast computing in fractions of seconds running data through the cloud. This new dimension in the mobility sector, has started a spark to draw and explain inferences without any set firmware. Although it is intelligent enough to provide highly personalised and relevant data to the end user, still there is a need for change in stance as far as data collection is concerned. With Big data and mobile cloud coming into picture, the whole game of wearable technology is set to explode and CES 2014 is a clear example of it.


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