Value of Enterprise mobility lies in Data

Smartphones have brought epic changes to the world of technology. They are becoming a norm and are considered an integral part of users both at work and at home. Enterprises have even developed a holistic approach by which Smartphones have become an essential for consumers and enterprises that uses mobility solutions for web surfing and accessing applications. Earlier technology protocols were limited, but now in the current scenario smartphones support 3G networks. They consist of sufficient memory, exclusive processing power and runs sophisticated applications developed globally.

Technology in the current era is on a steady path of development which can lead to both opportunity and challenges in the mind of traditional CIOs executing mobility policies and applications. Technology is growing at a rapid rate with critical experience in mobile solutions. There are few basic trends that aim at driving innovation for companies, thereby helping consumers in transforming their business:

  • Mobile strategy is the utmost priority for many organizations: In this context, mobile strategy becomes immensely important and as a result more than 70 percent organisations are planning a mobility technology project. Being a key priority among organizations, business leaders speak volumes about enterprise mobility solutions. With mobility becoming more extensive, more than 30 percent of organisations are facing challenges in order to make a choice between applications enclosing or deploying an MDM solution.
  • Technical expertise is demanding access to enterprise applications: With the ever increasing demands of users, more than 70 percent of organizations have plans to focus on enterprise apps project. Few traditional apps such as email and calendar are considered as the highest used apps while focus is also shifting toward SaaS (Software as a service).
  • Increased employee productivity and support mobile workforce are key aspects to spend on mobility: Maximum organizations focus on improving employee productivity and even support a mobile workforce by dedicating on more than 65% organizations. Customer intimacy and satisfaction are the other key aspects quoted as a reason behind adopting mobility.
  • Spread in mobile devices is flooding organization: With a slew of Smartphones coming to the mainstream, mobility too has become an essential element. Ask any mobile apps development company and the common answer to cross platform support would be that businesses want a far greater reach that provided to them presently. Many users are drifting towards the iPhone and Android at a faster pace, thus making it crucial and expensive for business teams to manage.
  • Best approach, slowing down projects: Half of IT decision makers are uncertain about the best method to manage security. Nearly 30 percent of the enterprise users are imprecise on selecting an enterprise grade mobility app for daily workflow. Among these, 27 percent are declared to be creating apps using in-house team.

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