Can Microsoft avoid same Windows8 debacle with Windows Blue

June is coming and so is the big announcement from Microsoft over its next big update to Windows 8 called Windows Blue. When Microsoft launched Windows 8 last summer, there was a lot of hype given to the launch, with a whole new redesign of the operating system. But unfortunately, microsoft could not fulfill the requirements of the users as there was a fairly poor response to the operating system.

The biggest fact for its low popularity was the adoption as Microsoft redesigned the overall layout to a more modern metro UI, making it difficult for users who were hooked on to age old windows interface. Microsoft will have have to hopefully fix a lot of things that have annoyed people about like the absence of start menu and a touch interface approach toward desktop computing.

Microsoft has gone through lots of criticism and there are rumors that it will bring the start menu interface back to Windows Blue. Moreover analysts believe that windows would be following a more universal approach bringing its phone platform as well as desktop platform close to each other.

A lot is riding on this new update as windows has seen a substantial competition, from Apple as well as Google. With open source based OS like Linux also coming to the mainstream. Reports have even suggested that that initial demand has been fairly poor for Windows 8 devices with the surge in Android as well as chrome based tablets and notebooks.

With Windows Blue, Microsoft has a chance to keep its dominance in the desktop computing sector. Technology moves at a very fast pace, which makes it imperative for the service providers to stay in sync with the latest trends. Many believe that Microsoft will bounce back again like it did in the past with Windows Vista launch. It has to fix a lot of things while bringing innovation to the table.