User interface design as a pivotal scope for development

Mobile and Web development is entirely based on the aspect how an app is designed and how it overall looks. The functionality of the app and its utility is the second most influencing feature for the mobile development. In order to attract more and more users, an app must be simple and fast enough to fall with the interaction speed of the user. Otherwise there will not be significant hold on customers and user will be least interested in the app.

In the hyped technology era, there are various factors that are dominating the mobile experience. From responsive web design to fluidic UX, it is the world of project management, invoicing, time tracking and other productivity tools. This gives the overall app the ability to save time and have an intuitive interaction with the end user. People don’t want to spend much time working their way around some software which is supposed to be helpful for the enterprise to make more financial stability.

An uplifting user interface usually constitutes:

  • Positioning of elements
  • Better use of color coding
  • Speedier and Faster page loads
  • Activity Indicators
  • Help and Tool tip

Positioning of elements – Web designers and programmers often strive hard while designing the information architecture in web pages. Designers are always into offering something exceptionally different than what they were delivering earlier. But this endeavour don’t last long as users get lost and have to relearn how to work their way around the application or the website.

Color coding – Color plays important role in the website. It send signals to the user subconsciously, in the form of pop ups and buttons. Something very important on webpage can be highlighted using colors and it will certainly enable you draw attention towards something of high vitality.

Speed – Speed is the key to save time. Application must be quick enough to load. For an average app 5 seconds are usually considered sufficient and manageable time to set up all the features. If using AJAX to load a page, GIF’s must be utilised so as to let users know what exactly is happening, it’s important for the users to know what exactly is going on as this allows them to be in sync with the application increasing their waiting time.

Overall design has become a pivotal force which defines how an application interacts with the end users and its viability. Developers are now starting to engage more on a personalized level, giving emphasis to design so as to diversify functionality.