Automated Vehicle Transport Service Application.

This application is used for automated vehicle-shipping services by Brokers, carriers, car haulers. Brokers can create quotes/ orders & assign it to carrier. Its mobile-based platform allows shippers and carriers to come together online to review price quotes, schedule delivery times, scan available loads, and review available transport listings.

Carrier can pick the order and its status to be picked up. Also Brokers/Carriers can see the dashboard with New orders/picked up orders, messages, and emails. Application is enhanced with Relay functionality, Accessorial functionality, Carrier Search, Oversize functionality, Quote engine reform, setting change for emails, Fuel surcharge entry, comprehensive load optimization, tracking and notification tools, and extensive independent carrier network etc. Complexity of application has reduced a lot and it becomes more reliable to use.

The application can be used both in Online as well as Offline modes. Offline mode works in two ways as follows

  • No/Poor Connectivity: App detects the poor or no connectivity automatically whenever app tries to interact with server or Google APIs. Under this case, while app continues to work normally but it stores all the inspection related data locally on submission of inspection. Now whenever user launches the app next time, app checks for better connection, if found it will start auto sync.
  • Turn on Offline Mode: Under settings screen user is provided with option to turn on offline mode, this means app will be forced to work in offline mode regardless Wifi or Better network availability. Once this option is ON, app does not use any internet or any server communication, everything is stored locally and user has to sync the data by pushing the SYNC button under settings screen, no auto sync is performed in this case.
  • VIN scanner is another innovative feature in the app, under settings screen user is provided with an option to scan the VIN of a car. Once user launch the VIN scanner, app fetches the CAR information from the server using a third party API. This information is displayed to the user on a new screen “VIN Detail” and user is provided with option like, search this VIN on server for assigned loads or do local search etc.