HTML 5 Web Development Fading Traditional Web Technologies

HTML5, is a new trending technology which offers the facility of audio and video playbacks without any third party plugins. HTML5 has gained popularity because of it’s feature of code maintenance and storage of local data. Video, audio, header and canvas elements. HTML5 is designed for convenient addition of multimedia and graphical content on the web.

Why HTML5 is out all web based standards?

  1. Canvas elements allow the user to draw complex graphics and animations.
  2. Adobe Edge, animation feature of HTML 5 is very promising development tool.
  3. “Built-in” feature has the ability to play audio and Video without any third party plugins.
  4. It also features “Geolocation” tagging which utilizes Java Script API technology.
  5. HTML 5 supports easy drag and drop facility to its users.

Therefore, HTML 5 can be considered as the new face of the websites. The integration of HTML 5 in the websites would enhance their outlook and also it’s utility.  The user interface of the websites can be made more spectacular with the help of HTML 5 language.

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