How SUP is making it easy to implement Enterprise Mobility.

Over the years there have been many Enterprises that who have started to embrace the mobility solutions. But still there is reluctance among many organizations to take the next leap, citing the possibility of non-uniform transformation. This slow and cautious trend has in turn enabled companies like SAP to offer various tools to make it easy for enterprises to make the transformation.

SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) or mobile SAP is one such initiative that helps enterprise developers to create applications for enterprises in a definitive way which does not pose any hassles in making the transformation and also keeps the corporate data safe and secure. The basic functionality of this platform is to address the challenges that are invoked in order to connect back-end enterprise data on to mobile devices in a safe and secure environment.

With over 1.5 million combined applications in the Apple app store and Google Play store, mobile applications does seem to be the way of the future. It should also be noted that among these plethora of applications, the business applications are increasing at an exponential rate. There has been a considerable growth in the application for enterprises with nearly three-fourth of the world-wide enterprise market making this transformation.

This is a very positive and a healthy outlook for mobile solutions providers as the mobile app market is growing at a very fast pace. Although there have been a lot of challenges in front of developers as well as organizations, it is important to note that the technology has moved in sync with the market trend which has allowed both sides to provide a middle-ware.

One needs to understand that the core functionality of consumer applications and employee applications of any enterprise work on different modules. The backend data sharing and the business solutions differ in both cases. However, it can be seen that there are many enterprises that are still hesitant to enter the pond of mobility, venturing only so far as simple workflow or approval apps. With SUP coming into picture, the developmental process has been simplified and it has become easy for the enterprises to differentiate between consumer and employee applications.

Due to heterogeneous environments, there are many options available which makes it very complex with various processes overlapping each other. This is also the results of low level of awareness in the organization and misconceptions on ROI(return of Investment). Many enterprises only emphasis on B2C (Business to Customer) and are unclear on B2E (Business to Employees) and B2B (Business to Business).

There is a need to address the challenges through a series of innovative tools to embrace the technology. Over the past few years SUP or Mobile SAP has made its way to the top of mobile app platforms for enterprises. There are many analysts that believe that eventually SAP would be able to break this barrier and the market will then move on a unification road.

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