Android Jobs Make a Good Comeback Over Apple Jobs in Last Quarter

This time the big cake slice goes to Android for having the maximum share in job market. Unlike the second quarter of the year where Android was on the losing side now Android has reasons to smile and dance as they are the developers in demand. Earlier iOS jobs were in demand but the reason this time they lack is stagnation in their app store.

Since its inception Apple app store has always been successful in luring mobile apps developers towards it. Moreover they have delivered all type of gains to developers for their association with App Store. The best paid app store with millions of users worldwide Apple has been the best till now.

Then come the Android MarketPlace now called Google Play. This app store has gained popularity very unexpectedly and swiftly. This app store also attracted many talented Android apps developers who made this app store second most preferred option for them. Android is the biggest competitor of Apple till now.

This makes it more interesting to see that the last quarter witnesses 16% more jobs for Android developers whereas Apple witnesses almost 30% downfall in jobs which is a matter of concern. The dipping interest of developers in iOS development gives more scope to other players like Microsoft Windows and RIM BlackBerry.

Other technologies which showed great improvement in no. of jobs available are:

  • HTML5- 44% up
  • jQuery- 32%
  • PHP- 19%
  • MYSql- 18%

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Oracle framework launched for hybrid, cross platform mobile app development!!

Oracle launched a new framework Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile which will be part of the Company’s future Middleware offering. The basic idea behind Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile is that it simplifies the development and deployment of mobile enterprise applications. These applications are capable of taking advantage of HTML5 with Java to run on cross platform or multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

As per Oracle, it will enable mobile apps developers to extend enterprise applications to mobile devices with end to end security and encryption. ADF Mobile allows the use of technologies such as JAVA, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS which render cross platform mobile applications development along with the support for native device services like camera, GPS and contact lists.

The new cross platform approach confirms that application can be developed and deployed to multiple device types in no time and without the need of parallel development teams or resorting to outsourced development teams.

With Oracle ADF mobile developers can spend less time rewriting code and time building the most advanced enterprise mobile applications. It is tightly integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware product portfolio, supports Oracle Fusion Applications and can also integrate easily with non-Oracle based applications.

Is Your Mobile App Secure Enough, Ask Your Developer?

Apps, Apps everywhere but where is the security! We all are crazy for mobile applications our pricey and high definition smartphones and tablets. But somewhere have we ever thought we are downloading an app giving them access to sync with our device having personal information too so are they secure enough to give them that access.

Hardly anyone think over this. However this is the responsibility of mobile application developers to overcome all security loopholes in their apps. As now applications are not limited for entertainment purpose only. May enterprises are also adopting mobile application for their internal tasks and performance efficiency. So, the need to give priority to security heightens with so companies putting their data at stake for these apps.

The perception of a native app as a secure app is not acceptable. Further, encryption of apps by mobile apps developers to authenticate users is also not enough. However, ignoring such security issues may lead to serious consequences like financial loss, reputation tarnish, public shame, twitter shame etc.

Whenever you hire developers or outsource your app for development always make security integration as the foremost requirement. It is because mobile apps will somewhere use your backend services so don’t take a chance. It would be advisable to be sure to consider the following six security properties to have a secure app without any threat of data mishandling.

  1. Confidentiality: The app data is only accessed by people intended to use or view it.
  2. Integrity: Only authorized and defined people can make the change in information.
  3. Availability: The app and information must be available whenever needed.
  4. Authentication: People’s identity must be checked as per the access given.
  5. Authorization: People are allowed or denied across the app information as per the requirement.
  6. Nonrepudiation: A person first cannot perform action and later denying it.