New wave of technologies driving growth of mobile apps

The overall content discovery dimension of user engagement has changed over the years. Due to the advent of mobile devices information sharing has transformed dramatically. Connected devices allow them to access information with just a push of a button, Gone are those days when a user has to visit a website to obtain any data or information. Moreover mobile websites were seen to be intrusive with a combination of link and text as the overall user experience was below par.

This led to the revolution of mobile apps that not only offered highly engaging user experience but also ensured that content discovery and search is made seamless and personal. It was the age of applications and websites became redundant in half a decade. Mobile first strategy has become the need of the hour as mobile app developers come to the forefront. Platform like android and iOS have clearly indicated that mobility is definitely the way for the future.

There is no denying the fact that technology always moved at a really fast pace and the services used today might soon become redundant in the near future. As far as mobile apps are concerned, they offer a new distinctive way of information sharing. with new technologies like IOT and big data coming into picture, enterprise have started to envision future driven processes in order to stay ahead of the game. Google glass is one aspect that has been talk a lot in the corridors of tech evangelists.

Businesses have started to use mobility in order to target specific user base and increase profitability. User engagement is the idea behind everything, as mobile apps provide a real time tool for communication. Already there have been many real world applications using technologies like NFC and iBeacon. there have been a slew of reports that have stated time and again that mobile solutions would overtake desktop computing in the near future.

It is expected that with IOT coming into the picture, there would be billions of devices that would get connected to the internet with in the next decade. this would not only drive future of mobility but also make the overall services highly efficient due to the release of enormous amount of big data. Analysts have already predicted that big data would drive the data centers of the future. not only consumer sector, but enterprise mobile apps development has evolved over the years.

Businesses are now incorporating cloud as well as mobile application management tools in order to boost efficiency and make all the processes work in accordance to each other while keeping the burden off valuable resources. As the need for a more personalised experience increases, developers would need to better understand the end user requirement via big data analytics. this would not only help in bridging the gap between the two end but also ensure better services and products.