What Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 will offer for better business?

These days Microsoft is getting ready for the release of Dynamics AX 2012 R2. It is a latest version of company’s popular ERP solution for midsize and large organizations. It’s first version was launched back in September 2011.

This successful ERP solution delivers rich, prebuilt, industry operational functionality out of the box. It has also proved its worth in functionality for manufacturing, distribution, retail, public sector and service industry.

Microsoft Dynamics AX will be enhancing its customers’ ability to solve business priorities was their prime motivating factor. They are working hard to continue to deliver the value and innovation our customers want.

Here, are the new highlights of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 are:

    1. Better functional capabilities for focus industries: With the new version, organization will be capable of solving their business issues more intelligently.
    2. Improved business insights for all users: it believes in improving the insight in context to the work done for overall productivity.
    3. Simplified international operation: the new version will work on reducing the complexity within companies spread across the globe and those organizations that increasingly operate their business throughout multiple countries.
    4. Simplifies apps lifecycle: New Dynamics AX will continue simplifying the app lifecycle for IT operations.

Microsoft Dynamics is all set to encourage its customers to experience how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will help them manage their day to day business on a global basis across multiple industries.

Ms Dynamics AX 2012 offers exclusive Enterprise portal services!!

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 has proved its usefulness and need for the today’s business. It has been one of the most successful ERP solutions of current time. Many companies are very satisfied and happy by implementing Dynamics in their internal system.

MS Dynamics AX is also offering exclusive enterprise portal services which will enable all types of consumers, vendors and partners to access and share important information. Enterprise portal services will also allow transactions with the help of web portals. This feature proved to be very beneficial and advantageous for Dynamics users.

  1. First of all it streamlines varied business processes and extends the reach of overall business info among partners.
  2. As we discusses before, it reduce the transaction cost and seamlessly connects business partners.
  3. It also renders access to back office info reducing maintenance and administration costs. It is also beneficial because Microsoft User Interface is very familiar and easy to use that is why it requires less learning curve and training costs.

The Enterprise portal boosts quick and inexpensive services with very fewer cost of maintenance. While using Enterprise portal, any changes made in the database are reflected in real time to both internal and external users.

With the help of enterprise portals, people will not waste time looking for specific information as all important information will be directly sent to web portals. It also offers advanced search functionality which can be used to track down information from transactional or collaborative data.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a great tool for business partners as they boost the effective communication anytime and anywhere. In other words we can say that Enterprise portal services helps in simplifying and automating manual communication. It can also optimize the business relationships.

So to conclude it is a beneficial service for all communication dependent enterprises. They can contact Microsoft business partners or vendors to avail this service and take full advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Solutions: Works as per Your Needs!!

Microsoft is a known brand in making business processes more manageable. Since its inception Microsoft Dynamics AX services have serves more than 350,000 customers and 5 million users worldwide. Microsoft has been serving various types of customers from small size to medium size businesses for more than 25 years. Due to its exclusive and user centric application it has received plenty of applauding references from across the globe from variety of business like manufacturing, distribution, retail, public sector and services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions understand that now business is similar. They are different in terms of industry specific and user specific needs. It is an expanded range of targeted solution that is designed to make business processes more defined and easy to manage.Microsoft Dynamics AX integration solutions let employees have efficient access to the relevant and desired information. It also aims at streamlining procedures and reduces man hours.

Microsoft has designed Dynamics keeping minute details about the user and his business in mind. It’s every feature is meant for user to enhance his business performance. This is the reason why there are millions of Dynamics lovers across the globe. Here are highlighting features offered to user:

  1. Dynamics Ax is more than just ERP.
  2. Works as per user’s need.
  3. Risk reduction and propels business
  4. Gives you speed and momentum.
  5. Always go in forward direction.
  6. Flexible deployment model.
  7. Boost business growth and stability.

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