Ubuntu Linux to Enter in Smartphone Industry

After the outstanding success and business made by the Apple and Android in the smartphone industry, the master Ubuntu Linux is also lured to take a chance in this terrain. It is heard that Ubuntu Linux is also bracing itself to design a very competitive Operating System for tablets and smartphones. It is certainly going to be an uphill battle as Apple and Andorid are already very popular names.

Canonical Leader Mark Shuttleworth reported at the Ubuntu Developer Summit that Open source Ubuntu Linux is forging ahead to enter the mobile market. Canonical, parent company of the Ubuntu version stated that they may start crafting smart phones, tabs and TV’s by 2014.

Mark Shuttleworth cited that the interest of Ubuntu in the mobile market developed because they feel that customers are still looking for satisfactory operating system with smooth experience.

No doubt Apple and Android has really impressed their customers, this could be seen from their sales figure. Android shares the 57% share in the sales of smartphone market much better than last year figures.

Although, Apple and Android are among the topmost operating system providers followed by Windows and Blackberry but they still have some discrepancies. Like in case of the Google’s Android malware and viruses which leads to 40% return rate.

Apple also has some fixes like glitched connectivity, screen and supply problems. It also faces the flack with Google for its location tracking policies.

Under these circumstances Ubuntu may stand a chance to make his impact in the sphere of Operating System for smart phones and Tablets. Lets wait and watch what Ubuntu linux has in store to offer to its valued customers.