Limitations & Capabilities of iPhone App Development.

All Entrepreneur or CEO’s which are looking for a mobile strategy in iPhone programming; here is a quick guide for you to understand the basic capabilities and limitations of the iOS devices. These points will help you in understanding your device more clearly.

Capabilities to be explored with iphone applications:

  • Social Media exposure: With the help of the popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter one can spread its iPhone app globally. Point to be kept in mind is to develop your app in a way that it can generate common interest among masses. For example, if it is related to some jewelry sets, make it more luring for women and girls so that they can share them via Facebook or Twitter. However, you can keep in mind those corporate customers also and provide them with an option of sharing that advertisement with an email.
  • Be location specific: It means that your Business locations or outlets must be visible on a map to the customer. If you are going for this feature, then insist on map zooming also so that the customer can easily glance at the nearest stores or landmarks from where he/she is accessing the app. Further, try to inculcate as much information as possible on the map to reach you.
  • Smooth UI: iPhone app programmers ought to emphasis on making the user interface of an app smooth and elegant. The flow of an application must be hassle free with minimal pop ups and dialog boxes. Excessive use of pop ups may tends to be more interactive but most of the time it irritates the user. Make user interface a priority zone where only necessary things are displayed. Hotspots of the applications where user know he can find the required info should not be disturbed in the updated versions. iPhone’s marvellous touch screen is like cherry on the cake for the splendid application user experience.


iPhone has all the capabilities of a powerful PC like fast processor, successful Operating system and other useful hardware and software features. But still we cannot call an iPhone, a PC because an iPhone cannot match the extensive capabilities of PC or MAC.

Here is a list of limitations faced by iPhone app programmers:

  • No inter- application sharing of documents: We do have files and folders on our iPhones but as per structure every app is isolated from another. One application cannot access the documents or files of another. You cannot copy or move files between apps and definitely there is no way to delete any files associated with another application.
    To cope with this issue, iPhone programmer can use cloud storage. This can be done in order to maximize the access while preserving the security of sensitive data.
  • Multitasking: iPhone and iPad still have to go long way in terms of multitasking. The iPhone app programmers must not thing about any type of background execution and scheduling when an application is not running. Importantly, background execution can be done when an application is in running state.
  • Collaboration without some help from a web server is completely impossible.