Stay Ahead with Excellent iOS 5.0 Application Development Services!!

iPhone 4s or the upcoming iPhone 5 are designed with the clear thought of giving the tough competition to the exemplary and qualitative Android phones. Latest iOS 5 app development is predicted to unlock new opportunities of modernization and development for the iPhone application development world. IOS is expected to comprise of 200 new features and is anticipated to be a real game-changer for both users and developers.

iOS 5.0 is laden with 1500 new APIs which in turn will enable iOS 5 app development and offer a never-before expected comfort to iPhone apps developers to device their idea. Apple’s new OS makes iOS 5 app developments faster and helps in event handling, content display on screen and interaction with the system.

Here is the list of some features that boost the businesses of mobile application development are:

iCloud- With its amalgamation of free services that embrace iTunes, photo stream and documents in the cloud, iCloud is the most consideration grabbing feature of the new iOS and affects the app development extremely. Through this, iPhone apps can easily exploit cloud-based storage data and documents and updates are automatically and wirelessly pushed on other iOS devices. This is a bonus for apps that have iPhone and iPad versions. Work with one app on one device and carried on the other one from accurately the same point. Content sharing is now easy, effective marketing can be prepared via apps, sharing of documents online can also be enabled through them.

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) – As per this feature, apps are allowed to run quicker and have an even performance. ARC makes improvement process simple and suave as memory management task is done by the compiler. This removes the necessity to include retain or release again as memory is to be managed at the compile time. No overhead to apps are seen, minor bugs are located as well as crashes and memory leaks issues fall significantly. This expands apps performance and is a great news for the mobile apps developers as they have write less code.

AirPlay feature- The latest iOS 5 type permits imitating of content from iPad 2 to High Definition TV via Apple TV. This releases the potentials of developing apps proposing functionalities over AirPlay. iOS 5.0 shortens streaming of videos and/or audios, thus acting as an advantage for any media app.