SenchaCon 2013 developers conference to bring vital insights to HTML5 frameworks.

HTML5 has surely changed the overall paradigm of web applications. Gone are the days when web pages used to usher with static web pages. It is an era of responsive web design, and developers have started to incorporate various HTML5 development modules to enhance overall intuitiveness of web pages. Sencha UI is one such HTML5 framework that incorporates javascript to make it easy for developers to create highly responsive web applications.

Especially built for mobile web, Sencha touch provides highly powerful libraries to developers in easy to use interface. Although, HTML5 has taken the overall web with storm, still there are various tools like sencha and kendo, that still require support from the developers community to optimize HTML5 development. In order to spread more awareness and help create better HTML5 tools, there will be a developers conference from July 16-19, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

SenchaCon 2013, would span over 60 session through three days with major emphasis on coding and collaboration time. This conference would provide vital insights to various modules of Sencha Touch, Ext JS, Architect, and all of other technologies. There would also be various sessions on cloud integration, service side configuration as well as backend browser technology. Developers would also take part in a full day hackathons with cutting edge Javascript as well as HTML5 coding.

There would also be multiple boot camps ranging from Tizen, Windows Azure, blackberry and sencha Touch. Technologies like WebRTC and CSS Filters, as well as up-and-coming specifications like the Web Cryptography API and ECMAScript 6 would also be showcased during the three days for the conference. HTML5 holds a vital key to the future of web and developer conferences like these bring together like minds to create better products.

HTML5 is Redefining Mobile Optimised Website

The advent of mobile applications has surely made a huge impact on desktop computing. as users are moving towards mobility, there is a huge pressure on content providers to stay in sync with the end users and incorporate mobile apps so as to bridge the gap. But the fact of the matter is that there has been a multi-tier jump taken by users from desktop computing to mobile web and over to mobile apps.

In order to have a diversified approach, businesses as well as organisations are now looking at HTML5 that can increase the viability of their mobile optimised website. It is an era of smartphones and users tend to access more information on a mobile device rather that desktop computer. gone are those days when mobile websites were just a static page with links and text. There is a need for a more robust approach that is more intuitive as well as interactive.

HTML5 mobile optimized website is the need of the hour and many analysts have predicted that it would overtake desktop web in the coming years.

As the smartphones are becoming mainstream computing devices, it has become imperative to have a website optimized for that as a desktop website for smartphones poses a lot of hassle for users who access the website on the go. The requirements for mobile users change substantially as they look for faster load times while keeping most of the functionality of the desktop website.
Mobile web is generally considered to be a condensed and highly-functional alternative to a main web presence. Although a mobile website does not replace the main website, it is a more conducive way to engage with new clientele. HTML5 in that aspect has been an ideal tool for developers to create a highly intuitive website that can be viewed on different screen devices as per their orientation.

As more and more mobile platforms are coming into existence, it is becoming a daunting task for mobile app developers to support their application on all of them and create native applications. In that case, HTML5 is proving to be an ideal bet, as developers can easily port their application onto different platforms and have an easily optimised mobile website. HTML5 is a huge jump from the traditional HTML development as web designers don’t have to depend upon resource hogging plugins to enhance the webpage.

HTML5 has played a vital role to bring mobile web to the mainstream and create intuitive websites that usher simplistic yet interactive UI. There is no denying the fact, HTML5 brings a whole new ball into place with a simple, elegant and mobile friendly web design does not stray far away from the desktop UI. As web page design is going through a transformation with application centric approach at the forefront, HTML5 will play an important part to pave the way for an easy incorporation of a mobile optimized website.

Hire experienced web designer from HTML5 web Development Company!!

Designing of websites has seen great changes and advancements in recent time. The website designs have emerged from static webpages to dynamic and loaded web pages. The websites are becoming more user friendly and audience specific. The designs are sleeker, elegant and eye catching.

We can give credit for these eye grabbing changes to the emerging technologies and sincere efforts made by the designing companies. Some technologies that made the difference are HTML5, CSS and Flash. However, with the advancements in HTML5 the so called future of the web, Flash has lost its significance but still manages to have place in the designing industry. But in case of HTML5 it’s a whole new story. HTML5 development is growing very fast. All leading website designing companies are hiring good number of HTML5 developers with its rising popularity and demand in the industry.

HTML5 is still new but is successful in gaining developers support to a great extent. Not only web applications, mobile industry has also adopted it as their new platform. Currently, all leading browsers either for desktops or mobiles are working on extending their support to HTML5. The mobile application development based on HTML5 is also a buzzing topic these days. Today you can find many designing companies which are rendering their professional services in HTML5 website designing and application development at very nominal prices.

So, if you want to accomplish your idea into a feature rich website or app hire experienced web designing offering exclusive HTML5 development.

How HTML5 is different from predecessor HTML4?

HTML, Hypertext Markup Language was introduced to assist web browsers to render web designs or web pages for the web users. HTML standard was implemented by World Wide Web Consortium W3C.

Now, W3C has come up with more powerful and effective modification of HTML called HTML5, means the fifth generation of HTML.HTMl5 developers are very optimistic when it comes to decide over HTML5 development or native app development.

Now, let us throw light on the enlightening differences made by HTML5 over the existing version of HTML4.

  • HTML4 API’s Vs HTML5 API’s: The foremost aim of HTML API’s is to bestow a better and reliable web development system. With HTML5, several new Application Programming Interfaces were launched. To support this difference we can say that with HTML5 the need of installing any third party plug in for audio and video has been eliminated.
  • Deletion of unwanted elements: Some of the elements targeting presentation and visual aspect of the website are replaced by the more appropriate platforms. To elaborate: in HTML5 TT and U tags are replaced by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • Improved flexibility: Undoubtedly, HTML5 said to have more flexibility than its predecessor HTML4. It shows its exceptional flexibility in handling inaccurate syntaxes.
  • HTML4 structure Vs HTML5 new elements: HTML4 has used common web pages structures like headers and columns etc. HTML5 is preloaded with preloaded structures. New elements are like: Header, footer, Section, Article, Nav and Aside.

Therefore, it clearly defines that HTML5 wins the race over HTML4. In coming years HTML5 will certainly become more powerful and transform the web development completely. Any HTML5 development company having good experience and skilled professionals can make you see these differences live in your web applications.

Increasing popularity of HTML5 Mobile Web Development

HTML5 web standard is the most talked about technologies these days. According to web experts in coming years whole internet will be in control of HTML5. However, it is not recently launched instead it is existent from quite a long time now but is still under development. It is predicted that this standard will be complete in next two years for full utilization in web development.

For now, web developers are integrating HTML5 in the mobile and web application to some extent. HTML5 is now reaching mobile industry also. Mobile application development is a most happening business these days. Leading players like Apple and Android are enjoying the great revenue and customership because of incredible mobile apps in their App stores. HTML5 Mobile apps development seem to be very promising aspect of mobile apps development in future.

HTML5 development proposes some exclusive features which gave it a special place in all mobile developer’s work. Like HTML5 once fully developed will give a sheer setback to native mobile app development. It is because HTML5 is a web standard so it will only work in favor of web applications. It promotes the running of application within the web browsers supporting HTML5 for now it is Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc. HTML5 mobile apps development is undoubtedly a great challenge to mobile apps programmers in terms of creativity and functionality.

Some leading mobile platforms like Apple iOS is in full enthusiasm to support HTML5 for mobile application in the future. Apple is favourable to HTML5 for application development in its web browser Safari. Though there are some discrepancies in HTML5 but for developers it is a new thing to experiment with. It is good for both mobile app industry and mobile apps developers to get familiar with future web master as soon as possible.

HTML5 development will certainly open new horizons for mobile apps as with the help of new standard and tags one can create competing and impeccable applications. However, there are very few expert developers in the industry who are well versed with this technology so make your choice very seriously. Go for the quality and functionality instead of quantity and only designs.

HTML5 development will begin new era of web.

HTML5 is a buzz word in mobile industry these days. Web developers are supporting HTML5 and its features with open hands. It is also said that in coming years all major web browsers will implement 99% of HTMl5 code in their projects. Currently, major web browsers have adopted 80% of HTML5 as web standard. It is also forecasted that along with the predicted features for browsers, it may also support have some surprising capabilities. For instance: deployment of geolocation in all leading browsers will enable tracking of current location of the person. This will be done with the help of GPS installed on the phone or IP address of the system.

One more reason for fast paced HTML5 development is the lack of plug in support on popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone. This void is filled by HTML5 for consumers looking Flash like experience. Therefore, many content websites have switched to HTML5 video formats. It is a daunting task for web app developers to create compatible applications for diversification of mobile operating systems like Windows, BlackBerry, iOS, Android etc.

HTML5 dominance as web technology has given plug-in developers a set back. It might give you a feel that days of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are numbered. But that’s not the case with Android as it is still using supporting Flash for letting users access the web. Moreover, HTML5 even after acquiring Flash’s position may not showcase features like P2P support, deep zoom technology, and some limited DRM support. These features may come in near future by combining various technologies with HTML5.

In addition, HTML5 Rich internet application development promises a ground breaking web experience for users. It is said that HTML5 will have significant impact on the changing web and the way web will serve its users. Developers are very optimistic about this futuristic change. According to them, after the 99% implementation of HTML5 as web standard will begin a new era of internet access and applications.