Blackberry speculated to support Google PlayStore in upcoming update.

There have been huge convergence going on in the field of mobile platforms as Blackberry and windows are trying hard to stay in the game. On the other hand android and iOS have taken a huge lead in terms of application database as well as user base. Now it seems that blackberry is trying a whole new approach as far as application database is concerned. Rumors are going on that Blackberry could support PlayStore in their latest BB 10.2.1 update. Ascertaining the popularity, usefulness and reach-ability of Android (especially after launch of ICS), Blackberry seems to have thought of benefiting through their mobile counterparts.

This is not the first time that blackberry would be trying such a move. Even now most of the applications running on blackberry are some kind of port of android applications. Canadian mobile-makers are left with no good options to survive in market, other than joining hands with their competitors instead of only bidding over their exclusive applications.

There are no confirmations and rumors are based on the leaked four pictures of Blackberry Z10, which could also be a creation of Photoshop, displaying Play Store apps on Blackberry handset. For the mean time these can only be taken with a pinch of salt but if Blackberry actually instills support for Play Store then it shall stead enabling users to enjoy richness of both platforms with no side-track download of Android apps requiring another computer and the Android Runtime.