Facebook Timeline can be a Great Brand Initiative

Recently, Facebook launched a timeline for personal pages and now it has announced Timeline Brand pages mandatory from March 30th. It means that brands now have the option to opt-in-now or wait for the automatic change at the end of the month. There have been many social media agencies and PR firms waiting eagerly for this announcement. This initiative can bring both positive and negative outcome for brands.

Large numbers of brands have already adopted the changes coming into force, which means better interaction with fans and more controlled branding on pages.

There have been plenty of notable changes that will prove beneficial for brands:

  • Aesthetics: Brands now can enjoy and successfully add their mark onto their pages, with a large cover photo and profile photo. Posts will no longer appear in vertical line but instead side by side so that users may be able to digest more posts. This also makes the use of assets like video and images being previewed directly on the page so that all can see.
  • Focus on Brand History: The new brand timeline permits brand to emphasize all of a brand history and boost faster fan growth.
  • Pinning posts: Timeline will allow brands to pin posts to the top of their pages, thus keeping them visible for longer time. It will target larger number of audience and to strengthen brand and consumer relationships.

The Facebook Timeline is all set to revolutionize pages on the social platform for various brands. However, there will be some work by brands to make their pages ready for the big switch on March 30th. The only thing to point out about it is that Timeline is made mandatory. The social media loving brands will only make out positives and will adopt the Timeline functionality before March 30th and customizing their pages for better user experience with the brand page.