Canvas Mobile Info Comm Jupiter Takesa Lookat Canvas 2.0

Canvas 2.0, the next generation of multipoint visualization and collaboration system for enterprises was unveiled by Jupiter system at InfoComm 2013. This newest version of Canvas adds much awaited support for Android as well as iOS devices along with many other features like instant messaging and sharing. There is also true collaborative visualization provided for the users, allowing them to share screens on display walls, mobile devices and desktops via wireless or wired network.

 Jupiter system has been at the forefront of delivering collaborative visualisation solutions ranging from smartphones and desktops. Over the years, Canvas has been giving users added leverage to annotate live video streams in real time over a slew of devices. Regardless of their location, users of Canvas 2.0 would be able to easily share a captured stream over supported devices.

 This newly added support for mobile devices will give a huge boost to the enterprises as mobility has become the centerstage of all enterprise solutions. Uptill now, video display walls have been highly viable in the enterprise sphere for the use of real time video communications and sharing of resources. But a major drawback for them was that they were isolated and restricted to a single location. In order to take full advantage of its usability, users had to remain in the same room at the same time to review the resource. In the current ecosystem, this was not a viable solution.

Canvas 2.0 moves beyond the location constraints with remote devices that can stream sources wirelessly. In addition to that, there is also real time instant messaging services added so that user can also communicate with each other and make vital decisions in real time. This not only extends the interactivity quotient for critical content sharing but also enhances the collaborative virtualization from almost any networked device, which is highly essential for enterprises.

Source: InfoComm 2013