Blackberry application development to increase with launch of BB10

In the last few years, RIM has seen a substantial decrease in its market share worldwide with more than a million subscribers leaving blackberry during a period of three months. As far as application development is concerned blackberry was no where near the likes the Android and iOS. There has been a huge void in the Blackberry app world as far as relevant applications and games are concerned which is why users started to migrate towards other application friendly platforms.

But it seems that things are starting to change, with soon to be launching BB10. There is a promising response from users as well as develop community to support the platform. RIM understands the fact that in order to sustain Blackberry 10, it would require developers to build rich quality applications. The Canadian company even went ahead and promised at least $10,000 revenue to developers who would build applications on its platform.

This is a positive step ahead and could mean that Blackberry could well retain some market share that it has lost. In the recent Blackberry application development program hosted by RIM there were more than 19,000 entries submitted just over the weekend. This means that RIM is well on track and BB10 could turn out to be a savior for them.

Getting such a response from the developers as well as programmers is a huge upliftment for any platform, which would mean that more developers would be driven towards creating content rich applications. This in turn would mean that the user base of Blackberry would also increase. The mobile application economy is booming a lot, as applications are considered to be the lifeline and soul of any smartphones. If Blackberry manages to get substantial amount of relevant applications over its platform, then it would change the fortunes for the company.

The company has put a lot of efforts in its developer outreach program leading to the launch of BB10. They are hopeful that Blackberry 10 phones slated to be launched by the end on Jan 2013, would have more than 70,000 applications. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that BB10 would starting from scratch with zero subscribers as it is a brand new platform. This would mean that the company would have to bring in some big developers to develop and launch their popular applications alongside the platform in order to reach out to the userbase.
This is a drastic change in tactics for RIM, who few years ago was totally focused on e-mail and messaging application and believed that other applications were not essential for smartphones.

Compared to iOS and Android who both have more than 700,000 applications in their app store, Blackberry 10 to launch fresh with over 70,000 applications is a promising number. Although BB10 has a lot of catching up to do, it should be kept in mind that smartphones are the way of the future and blackberry still has nearly 79 million subscribers for its older platform.

RIM has a substantial presence in the international markets like Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa and its ability to do carrier billing would enable it to emerge a prominent player in the emerging markets.

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