Apple Eyeing Cars and Medical Devices to Enter IOT Market.


A lot has been said about the future of Apple and its innovations techniques due to which it has faced a lot of brunt lately. There is no denying the fact that over the years, the innovation quotient of Apple has been questioned by a lot of critics. This is the reason which led to the overhauling of iOS and its core features. But more importantly, it is the competition it has been facing from Android and other open source platforms which are taking the ball game of mobility to newer heights like Internet of things and connected devices.

Mobility these days is not just about smartphones and tablets. It has grown far more to incorporate day to day devices. This is the reason which has forced Apple to look into new dimensions of mobility. There are many reports that have suggested that Apple is eyeing at cars as well as medical devices for future growth. There are a lot of technology evangelists that have been stating that apple has been in talks with car manufacturers to incorporate iOS functionality into their cars. Moreover A lot has been already said about iWatch and how Apple has been working closely with medical experts to bring out a revolutionary product that can seamlessly track your health.

This is huge news for third party developers and it paves way for future of mobility. It is vital to understand that mobility has grown out of smartphones and moved to a more personalised ecosystem of user engagement. iOS is already known for its immersive UI as well as user engagement and Apple wearable device project moving into day to day devices could well mean a new start to the Cupertino giant.

Android already has a nice headstart over iOS in the field of connected devices. With Google glass and Nest already in the market for end users, Apple has a huge task on its shoulder to tackle the pressure. Moreover businesses and enterprises have already started to take cognizance of this shift to deduce the usability of IOT in order to further boost their productivity.