SenchaCon 2013 developers conference to bring vital insights to HTML5 frameworks.

HTML5 has surely changed the overall paradigm of web applications. Gone are the days when web pages used to usher with static web pages. It is an era of responsive web design, and developers have started to incorporate various HTML5 development modules to enhance overall intuitiveness of web pages. Sencha UI is one such HTML5 framework that incorporates javascript to make it easy for developers to create highly responsive web applications.

Especially built for mobile web, Sencha touch provides highly powerful libraries to developers in easy to use interface. Although, HTML5 has taken the overall web with storm, still there are various tools like sencha and kendo, that still require support from the developers community to optimize HTML5 development. In order to spread more awareness and help create better HTML5 tools, there will be a developers conference from July 16-19, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

SenchaCon 2013, would span over 60 session through three days with major emphasis on coding and collaboration time. This conference would provide vital insights to various modules of Sencha Touch, Ext JS, Architect, and all of other technologies. There would also be various sessions on cloud integration, service side configuration as well as backend browser technology. Developers would also take part in a full day hackathons with cutting edge Javascript as well as HTML5 coding.

There would also be multiple boot camps ranging from Tizen, Windows Azure, blackberry and sencha Touch. Technologies like WebRTC and CSS Filters, as well as up-and-coming specifications like the Web Cryptography API and ECMAScript 6 would also be showcased during the three days for the conference. HTML5 holds a vital key to the future of web and developer conferences like these bring together like minds to create better products.

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