Samsung Galaxy S3 gets ready for ravishing Android Jelly Bean update!!!

It’s cheerful news for all Samsung Galaxy S3 lovers that now their smartphone will become smarter with latest Android 4.1.1 update. Samsung announced that now Galaxy S3 will be updated to Android latest version soon all across the world. This makes all Android phone lovers a great joy as the new Jelly Bean is much more packed with features than any previous version.

It will certainly embellish the potential Samsung Galaxy S3 has showcased. Galaxy S3 is the top selling Android smartphone in today’s time. It has satisfied almost 7 users out of 10. In comparison to the much hyped latest Apple Device and its 4 inch screen, Galaxy S3 is still ahead with 4.7 HD super AMOLED Screen.

There are plenty of comparisons and debate going on over which operating system and phone is more superior and has the potential to drive crowd its way. The clash between Apple fans and Android fans can be witnesses on various Forums and comments. This has forced Android apps developers and iPhone apps developers to roll their sleeves for an unadorned competition to meet the standards set by the manufacturing companies.

As, now iPhone apps developers are also having big screen similar to Android apps developers. Now it’s the time to show whose apps make healthier use of the big space. But for now, it’s all smiles for Samsung Galaxy S3 holders as they will readily update their phones no later than October.

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