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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone to launch on 17 November in Europe

The most awaited smart device Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Samsung is all set to hit the stores on 17 November in Europe. This news of Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch is confirmed by Samsung and Amazon. This Samsung device will not be available in America until the next week. As reported by the Amazon, this smartphone is priced at £ 549 which is £ 150 more than Samsung current price list. The Galaxy Nexus will be the first device to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is Google Android 4.0. The device will be having splendid 4.6” screen for an enhanced experience. Galaxy Nexus was demonstrated along with the Galaxy Note e Notepad at a recent launch. The … Continue reading

Google is rumored to put a native iOS Gmail app in appstore

It has been three years that Apple has launched its app store and now Google is planning to launch an iOS Gmail native service for appstore. M.G. Siegler stated in his blog post that the Gmail iOS app is on the verge of launch as it is supposed that Google has sent it to Apple for its review. And, as soon as it will be approved , it will be available in the app store. Sieglar also reported that the app looks quite good and it the expected feature of this app is the addition of push notifications for the email service. Other possible features in this app could be introduction of priority inbox and one click starring of the … Continue reading

Ubuntu Linux to Enter in Smartphone Industry

After the outstanding success and business made by the Apple and Android in the smartphone industry, the master Ubuntu Linux is also lured to take a chance in this terrain. It is heard that Ubuntu Linux is also bracing itself to design a very competitive Operating System for tablets and smartphones. It is certainly going to be an uphill battle as Apple and Andorid are already very popular names. Canonical Leader Mark Shuttleworth reported at the Ubuntu Developer Summit that Open source Ubuntu Linux is forging ahead to enter the mobile market. Canonical, parent company of the Ubuntu version stated that they may start crafting smart phones, tabs and TV’s by 2014. Mark Shuttleworth cited that the interest of Ubuntu … Continue reading

iphone 4S – An Amazing Pick !!

When it comes to talk about amazing in Mobile industry, the name that strikes to the mind is the new iPhone 4S. It has come up with lot many spectacular features introduced yet. More power with dual core A5 chip, HD video and optics with 8MP camera and last but not the least Siri, it will do what you want it to do. Lets look at these amazing features in detail: Siri – your smartphone is now your assistant. Siri helps you to get things done on time. What you have to do is just ask it. The communication between you and Siri will be like a communication between two persons. Just talk to siri , it will not only … Continue reading

Logic Behind Apple’s iCloud !!!

Apple has revolutionized the mobile industry and has again come up with a smart phone iPhone 4S with extra ordinary features. icloud is the most discussed thing in the latest version of IOS 5. Apple’s new mobile operating system helps you to store documents, music, photos , email, contacts and calendars on a server which alleviates you to use your data on any screen you will be using. Its an automatic and effortless solution to manage your stuff. It is reliable and secure to store your data there as high data security is provided. Available to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. The calendors, contacts and emails are kept updated across all your devices. icloud just does everything … Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5 Launch on Oct 4: Here’s What to Expect

The iPhone 5 is coming. This is no rumor, no guesswork, no fuzzy photo taken by someone allegedly holding an iPhone 5 prototype. Apple has set the date and the place for a real product launch. What else can we expect on October 4? Here’s the shortlist: A Major Redesign: Shortly after Apple unveiled iOS 5, the cloud-friendly operating system that will soon reside inside current and future iPhones, there was speculation that the iPhone 5 would look almost exactly like the iPhone 4. The innards would be different, but most people could simply swath iPhone 5’s in the same cases as their previously adored iPhone 4’s. A Faster Phone: Duh! Even if we didn’t know about the A5 chip, … Continue reading

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