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Dynamic Websites with PHP Web Hosting.

PHP is a well established web programming language for web application development as well as website development. When we talk about PHP web development, it is the most important language and thus undoubtedly PHP web hosting is a well known choice. The reason behind the great success of PHP is that its vital groundwork lies in C++, which is familiar to all web programmers. What is PHP Hosting? A PHP web hosting means hosting your website with the help of PHP scripting language. PHP as a language is extremely compatible with MySQL which is why many developers use PHP to host a particular website. PHP hosting is reliable and can effortlessly handle various complex web applications. There are many benefits … Continue reading

Apple TV: Incremental Step to Home Entertainment.

Apple made an announcement recently about the launch of new iPAD and Apple TV. However, Apple’s new third generation iPad has grabbed all limelight from the Apple TV, but that does not mean Apple is not having anything new for its customers. Apple TV developers have come out with an improved user interface and also support 1080p. This is considered as incremental step in home entertainment whereas other major electronic companies are trying to leap forward. Apple seemed to view Apple TV and its existence in the home entertainment sector significantly on two things: a medium to sell iTunes content and a way to connect iOS and Mac devices to larger screens. Every other feature from playing media from premium … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline can be a Great Brand Initiative

Recently, Facebook launched a timeline for personal pages and now it has announced Timeline Brand pages mandatory from March 30th. It means that brands now have the option to opt-in-now or wait for the automatic change at the end of the month. There have been many social media agencies and PR firms waiting eagerly for this announcement. This initiative can bring both positive and negative outcome for brands. Large numbers of brands have already adopted the changes coming into force, which means better interaction with fans and more controlled branding on pages. There have been plenty of notable changes that will prove beneficial for brands: Aesthetics: Brands now can enjoy and successfully add their mark onto their pages, with a … Continue reading

Refreshing developments in the realm of HTML 5.

When we talk about the vast domain of the internet and more exclusively about the web development, HTML has taken the world by surprise along with the opportunities it has provided to developers to achieve their ultimate goals. HTML emerged in 1999 is undoubtedly the keystone to the stylish, elegant, spectacular and dynamic web pages and to the emergence of next generation HTML standard known as HTML 5. HTML 5 developments holds the proud flag of being the next big thing in the realm of HTML, XHTML and HTML Document object model. Now, most of the popular and extensively used web browser on all leading operating systems of the world offer great support for HTML 5. The standardized rules and … Continue reading

HTML 5 not safe for secure business applications.

HTML 5 is applauded as the as the programming language that will enable developers to attain multi purpose web application development and ultimately solve many issues faced by mobile application development. The buzz is supported by a recent survey conducted from 12, 00 developers, which found that more than 75 percent are using or planning to use HTML 5 standard for application development. This is all due to the Adobe’s public denouncement of Flex in favor of HTML 5. It also acclaimed it as the best technology for development and deployment of rich content the browser across the mobile platforms. HTML 5 offers many real advantages in the consumer space and also for tools such as social media and video. … Continue reading

How HTML 5 can Affect Search Engine Optimization.

What is relationship between HTML 5 and SEO? It has been one of convoluted queries on the web for a while. When some web analysts said that HTML 5 may reduce the scope of Search Engine Optimization, many others opposed this claim. Here are some supposed effects of HTML 5 may bring on SEO. But before, that we will discuss what is HTML 5? HTML is a language standard to structure and design pages for the web. HTML 5 is the fifth revised edition of HTML standard, which was formed in 1990 and is direct successor to 1997’s HTML 4. HTML 5 offers improved flexibility for web developers and designers. When combined with CSS3, HTML 5 can create a magic … Continue reading

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