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Why CakePHP is Beneficial Web Technology?

If you are a business entrepreneur, entering into the online business to impel your business, you must have heard about latest web technology in the form of CakePHP web development. It is a highly advanced Content management System which has emerged as an exceptionally successful open source web development technique which aims at taking your online business a notch higher by developing websites which are certain to stand out in crowd. CakePHP technology is based on lines of PHP programming framework and works on MVC methodology which has witnessed great success. Here are some significant benefits of choosing CakePHP development: Compatibility of Cake PHP with PHP4 and PHP 5 make it the highly coveted tool. It is easy in use … Continue reading

Limitations & Capabilities of iPhone App Development.

All Entrepreneur or CEO’s which are looking for a mobile strategy in iPhone programming; here is a quick guide for you to understand the basic capabilities and limitations of the iOS devices. These points will help you in understanding your device more clearly. Capabilities to be explored with iphone applications: Social Media exposure: With the help of the popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter one can spread its iPhone app globally. Point to be kept in mind is to develop your app in a way that it can generate common interest among masses. For example, if it is related to some jewelry sets, make it more luring for women and girls so that they can share them via … Continue reading

Developing applications for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S.

Phone devices can be called as full fledge computer but a compact one. This surprising device holds the potential to perform almost all features of the desktop thus user can leisurely enjoy wireless web connectivity anywhere we want. The launch of new iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S has augmented new era of technology sense. If you want to experience the difference in mobile arena then choose iPhone app programming services that proffer you with outstanding apps. The breakthrough Apple devices like iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S are uniquely designed for internet connectivity and also preferred because of iOS 3.0 and 4.0 respectively. These advanced iOS integrated devices are also updated with more robust and scalable hardware and software features. The … Continue reading

Blackberry Lost to Apple iPhone in Popularity Among Users.

Blackberry saw a major set back since its inception in 2007 when Apple iPhone surpassed Blackberry devices in terms of popularity in home town of RIM, Canada. It is reported that Apple shipped approximately 2.85 million handsets in Canada in 2011 beating the number 2.08 shipments done by RIM BlackBerry. One can see the changing trend towards buying the Apple iPhone over RIM BlackBerry in Canada is on the rise from lsome time. In 2010, BlackBerry was still way ahead from Apple iPhone by about 500000 devices sales. Why iPhone is prominent over BlackBerry devices? Though, we know that Canada people are loyal towards their hometown brand BlackBerry, but their rising interest in the riveal Apple Iphone is also not … Continue reading

Success of Blackberry Apps Lies in Efficient Marketing.

BlackBerry world is very big. BlackBerry can be regarded as one of the first smartphone to create mobile apps. There are some classic BlackBerry apps that are still available for download from long time. But nowadays, going for Blackberry Apps Development will take sheer efforts and strategy to make it to the top. The key role can be played by the strategically marketing of your Blackberry application. Following are some points that can be used to get started: The first recommendation for the aspiring Blackberry App Developer is of becoming an alliance member. Being an alliance member can be a point of association in the BlackBerry app world. Another advantage of being an alliance member is that your Blackberry app … Continue reading

What is Implemented and Who are Implementing HTML 5 Technology.

Presently, we all are living in a world wherein technology is swiftly growing and being developed every minute. It is a strong force that is driving the people’s lives towards betterment. Among all top notch technological advancements, release of HTML 5 mobile technology has been set in motion. Usage of mobile internet in synchronization with the relative demand for mobile app designers and developers has been consistently expanding. Smartphones and mobile applications are in rage and moreover, they can predict the existence of your business on the web. What is implemented with HTML 5 mobile technologies? It enables the system’s online web browsers to display beautiful images and graphics that will react to consumer actions. This technology can be described … Continue reading

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