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Drupal 7 is More Powerful Than Before.

Drupal development is not a common name among the open source content management systems in today’s time. Drupal focuses on deep management and customization features which are perfect choice for any complex website. In spite of good features it not easy to use and lacks flexibility also which hampered its popularity. However, with the launch of Drupal 7, the CMS has bought many notable changes that too in the core of the product. New version of Drupal 7 CMS mainly focuses on user friendliness along with a powerful content management. Drupal Software Developers has also reduced the pain in the installation. Drupal7 will run on any system supporting PHP and MySQl, means on both Linux and Windows. Highlighting features of … Continue reading

Custom Web Development with PHP ZEND framework

Custom web development is the buzz word these days in the web or software industry. Custom solutions have advantages and merits empowering web developers to develop user oriented web solutions. The advancement in the technologies and ever changing demands of users are creating new development challenges for web app developers. Custom web development is often a very time consuming process. It is because the customer requirements is the priority and there are chances that customer wants frequent changes while development. It is common in case of development of large projects like Social networking websites, e-learning, reality websites, and other portals which require heavy content. There are many technologies that can be used to create such big projects and products. PHP … Continue reading

Blackberry Still Offers Better Security Than Android

RIM’s BlackBerry still holds the top position in the mobile security in comparison to market share leader Android. This means that though Android was successful in attaining maximum share in the mobile market due to its outstanding Android app development but it drastically failed in providing reliable security to its users at personal and business level. However, BlackBerry is not having good market value along with least share and interest of developers in Blackberry app development from last few years because its dominance is took over by Apple INC and Android. BlackBerry is yet considered a leader when it comes to mobile security and enterprise apps. Apple INC is much better than Android by working adequately for user’s security. In … Continue reading

Professional Career Options in .net Technology.

Dot Net technology is one of the most popular and tested product of Microsoft. .Net programming language is in web industry from many years now. Microsoft always brings more and more development tools and API’s to make development process easy and convenient. With time .Net programming has provided extensive career opportunities to many developers across the world. Though there is stiff competition in the market among various web and mobile technologies, but Microsoft .Net is successful in securing its stable place in the market. With the help of .Net technologies, developers have created immensely robust and secure websites, web applications and desktop software’s. Below are some of the popular and most sought .Net careers these days: .Net developer: This is … Continue reading

6 Important Skills for Fresher PHP Developers.

PHP development is on peak these days. If you are planning to own an independent PHP development business, you ought to know more than just PHP. Here, we discuss six other very significant skills you would need to successful as a PHP developer. Javascript, HTML and CSS: Getting familiar with only PHP code will not be enough. If you are in thought of starting a PHP business, you must get to know how to write web pages more efficiently using HTML and CSS as well. Moreover, chances are that in your project you will have to fix the errors made by the designers, so you should know how to do that and that too properly. In case you don’t know … Continue reading

Developers look for HTML5 for Mobile Business Intelligence Apps.

Mobile business intelligence (BI) market is facing one major issue these days that is when vendors need to develop multiple versions of an application to run on all types of mobile platforms which leads to a drawn out development process and increased production costs. However, the steady growth of HTML5 may eradicate this issue forever with the exclusive capability of running application in a browser instead on a local device. How HTML 5 can obliterate the multiple version issue? HTML5 development will allow the developer to develop only one version of an app that will be successfully run on all HTML5 supporting browsers. In case web app developers need to add other functionalities which are accessed via web language, he … Continue reading

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