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What’s Needed in Professional Facebook App Developer

Social Networking sites are the most popular way to connect with your family and friends residing anywhere in the. But this is not the only reason for such a drastic progress of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn etc. Its features, functionality and incredible applications has given a Social networking a new face and presence. Now, users are given great opportunities to perform number of activities on Facebook, right from sharing information, pictures and videos to receiving your horoscope, taking part in quizzes and playing games. Thus, the Facebook has given an enticing world to its users. All of these exciting activities that user’s perform on Facebook is made possible by Facebook application development. These Facebook Application makes a … Continue reading

Drupal – A Strong Content Manager for Software Development

All leading enterprises are making use of Drupal technology for delivering in-house as well as third party applications and software’s. While, Drupal has faced many criticism, the advantages of this open source platform always surpasses its disadvantages. Drupal bestows strong set of features, ready to use code samples and social web features and utilities, Drupal applications are called as present and future of content based web applications. Drupal as a technology helps in making flexible, robust and dynamic websites. A creative and interactive social networking applications can also be developed using this technology. Many companies also adopt Drupal programming for a variety of different online presence like blogs, corporate websites, online stores etc. Its ease of use has increased its … Continue reading

How Social Media Marketing Benefits Android Apps?

Social Media is talk of the town these days for promoting Android apps development. If you are also thinking of advertising your Android app via Social Media marketing you should be clear with some points. As per most of the people, the best medium of advertisement is word of mouth. Guess what, it is correct also word of mouth has larger impact on people in comparison to all other mediums. With extreme advancements in the Technology new online worlds are created where information spread like forest fire. Social Media marketing is new thing which entails promotion of services and products via a creative and social platform covering thousands of people across the world. Though, the access to this medium is … Continue reading

Microsoft SharePoint Offers Reliable & Optimized Business to Organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint evolved internet and made it a secure and reliable platform for managing and collecting information. Currently, internet holds plethora of websites from a small size HTML business website to confidential data sharing websites. In this scenario SharePoint consulting is one of the most popular and preferred podiums for many organizations. It is because SharePoint Solutions enable organizations to administer tasks and manage resources in a secure manner. Windows SharePoint services can also be known as Enterprise information Portal wherein people can access data on various platforms through internet, extranet or intranet. The main idea of SharePoint is to improve productivity by bringing transparency in the system workflow. It is an integrated solution which makes hectic work tasks simpler … Continue reading

Reasons to fall in love with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning solution available in the Global market. More than 15000 companies has deployed it till now all around the world. Its simplicity and ease of usage has made it favorite among big enterprises for major part of their business. That is undoubted also as Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 has some out standing features which will make any business fall in love with it. Like: Take your business global: It enables you to expand in new geographic locations with built in feature of country localization in a single solution to meet the regulatory needs of 36 countries. You can share the same data, business rules and processes in order to streamline your business processes. … Continue reading

How HTML5 is different from predecessor HTML4?

HTML, Hypertext Markup Language was introduced to assist web browsers to render web designs or web pages for the web users. HTML standard was implemented by World Wide Web Consortium W3C. Now, W3C has come up with more powerful and effective modification of HTML called HTML5, means the fifth generation of HTML.HTMl5 developers are very optimistic when it comes to decide over HTML5 development or native app development. Now, let us throw light on the enlightening differences made by HTML5 over the existing version of HTML4. HTML4 API’s Vs HTML5 API’s: The foremost aim of HTML API’s is to bestow a better and reliable web development system. With HTML5, several new Application Programming Interfaces were launched. To support this difference … Continue reading

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