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Can Enterprise Mobility Solutions Stand up to Their Premise.

Mobile Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace and many enterprises are taking cognizance of this aspect by shifting from consumer centric applications to employee centric applications. With the advent of BYOD (bring your own device) in organizations, the need to switch to Mobile application management (MAM) from Mobile Device Management (MDM) has become necessary. With more and more workers bringing their personal smartphones and tablets to their workplace, so as to utilize BYOD, enterprises are also putting some investments in mobility solutions to increase the efficiency among their work force. But there are some hurdles on the way, which is making this transformation a bit difficult. Enterprise security is an important aspect for any organization to keep its … Continue reading

Enterprise mobility faces lots of challenges in BYOD era

According to recent reports, an average employee has at least 3 mobile computing devices in their possession, be it tablets, laptops, smartphones or any other feature phone. We carry them along at our workplaces, where we have to come through ever more devices. It’s not been so long when mobile device management was quite simpler for both users and enterprises. Many a times most of us carry around data encrypted Blackberry so as to remotely lock it if lost anywhere. It is a proven myth that embedded devices have more processing and functional power. Unless you are slow to adapt, working at government, finance institutions, you are using array of some previously used technology. Working environment is highly influenced with … Continue reading

Best Jailbreak Apps for iPhone.

Apple has been on a forefront of development when it comes to its OS for iDevices. Being a popular mobile OS platform, it is very important to stay on top of innovative features which has been a trademark of Apple. Being a closed down platform it does not allow for any customization other than wallpaper and putting icons in folders. This has led to users Jailbreaking their mobile devices in order to gain more  functionality over the operating system. by Jailbreaking an iDevice, users are able to better customise their devices with many shortcuts, notifications, and other enhancements. Some of the prominent Jailbreaks include: Ncsetting: Nowadays users are more adaptive and consider system toggling as must have feature in a … Continue reading

Blackberry is relying on application ports from developers to build its app database.

Blackberry 10 endured a lot of hype with a launch of a whole new platform. Struggling from a downfall and steep competition from Android as well as iOS, there was a lot riding on the success of this new OS. The Canadian company took cognizance of this fact and marketed their product to the fullest. The company which made a huge mistake of undermining the app market and importance of applications, left no stone un-turned while bringing in developers to create applications for its BB10 platform. The launch of BB10 was phenomenal, showcasing the feature rich options of the platform. But the most important aspect of the launch was availability of over 70,000 apps in its Blackberry World app store. … Continue reading

How SUP is making it easy to implement Enterprise Mobility.

Over the years there have been many Enterprises that who have started to embrace the mobility solutions. But still there is reluctance among many organizations to take the next leap, citing the possibility of non-uniform transformation. This slow and cautious trend has in turn enabled companies like SAP to offer various tools to make it easy for enterprises to make the transformation. SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) or mobile SAP is one such initiative that helps enterprise developers to create applications for enterprises in a definitive way which does not pose any hassles in making the transformation and also keeps the corporate data safe and secure. The basic functionality of this platform is to address the challenges that are invoked in … Continue reading

Enterprise Development Solutions Provided by Blackberry.

Blackberry, which was once known as the first smartphone, dominated the smartphone market for a long time. But due to lack of innovation it lost a bulk of market to iOS and Android. The main focus of blackberry was on communication in the form of emails and messaging. Being a device used mostly by corporates, Blackberry did not pay attention to other emerging market, which was later captured by other platforms. According to blackberry, a smartphone should not be bloated with third party applications which do not provide any productivity to the smartphone. While its competitors came out with innovative applications and games, Blackberry started to feel like an old technology. With very less support from the developer community, there … Continue reading

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