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Mobile App Economy Still has a Long Way to Go.

Ever since the advent of smartphones, there has been an exponential rise in the importance of mobile application ecosystem. With close to two million applications already developed and published across various platforms, mobile app economy has become a centre stage for premium content sharing. There are various approaches followed by mobile app developers in the form of free and paid applications. While paid applications have been generating bulk of the revenue, free applications in the form of ad based and well as in-app purchases. According to some analysts, the mobile ad spending would see a substantial rise from $8.4 billion in 2012 to $37 billion in 2016. Moreover there would also be a substantial rise in the number of freemium … Continue reading

Apple has ridiculed all its critics with iOS 7

Who said that it was time for Apple to say goodbye to the smartphone supremacy and give the throne away. With the launch of BB 10, iOS had become the oldest operating system that had not undergone any major revamping. Many believed that Apple had not changed iOS ever since its launch, making its look outdated. With the head of industrial design teams at Apple, Sir John Ivy coming on board to leading human interface software team, there were some radical changes expected. But iOS 7 has exceeded the expectations of many, giving all the critics some to think about. The preview of iOS 7 was shown at WWDC (worldwide developers conference) 2013, and it was ushering in a whole … Continue reading

User interface design as a pivotal scope for development

Mobile and Web development is entirely based on the aspect how an app is designed and how it overall looks. The functionality of the app and its utility is the second most influencing feature for the mobile development. In order to attract more and more users, an app must be simple and fast enough to fall with the interaction speed of the user. Otherwise there will not be significant hold on customers and user will be least interested in the app. In the hyped technology era, there are various factors that are dominating the mobile experience. From responsive web design to fluidic UX, it is the world of project management, invoicing, time tracking and other productivity tools. This gives the … Continue reading

Mobile Gaming Holds The Key to Cross Platform App Support.

There has been an avid saying among the game publishers that the availability of a single game isn’t likely to influence the purchasing decision of customer. But that doesn’t mean that taking the first step towards mobility will not make a difference. The advent of smartphones as well as tablets have changed the whole ecosystem of gaming applications and the ways users used to perceive them. Nowadays, mobile game applications comes packing with a lot of processing power and high definition graphics that require fast rendering. Most of the console publishers have already started to port their games over to mobile OS like Android and iOS. Mobile platforms have taken cognizance of the fact that mobile gaming can leverage their … Continue reading

The Tweets and The Likes Have Transformed Into Vital Business Engagement.

There is a significant explosion in the overall usage on social media platform. With the advent of Internet among the masses and the coming of age of mobility, there has been a profuse dependent of brands on social websites. This engagement is not constrained to chatting and public linking, but has now brought up sharing to a whole new level. Every single day, millions of users are expressing their likes on Facebook, tweeting about products and services on Twitter, and pinning posts to Pinterest. Hence social commerce has now become the focused attention of major retailers and some big brands. But one big question that most of the the market juggles to understand is that how to convert that “pin”, … Continue reading

HTML5 and CSS3 New Semantic Features.

The arrival of new technique is always greeted with enthusiasm, so it happened with HTML5 and CSS3. Users were looking forward to have gradients work without errors, and have an easy way to create handsets with curvy corners. CSS3 has numerous named colors, instead of cryptic RGB hexadecimal numbers. HTML5 is upgraded with some enhanced features. Most of the constructs of the older has been omitted or simplified, although the older version will still be live and working. The standards of HTML5 construction have always been eased, perhaps to too great to extent. However, Microsoft’s Visual Studio ensures the tough standards. There exists some latest features of HTML5, formally the domain of Javascript. For now, there is Video, Forms, Audio, … Continue reading

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