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Mobile Best Practices – Keys to a Successful Application.

The advent of mobility has revolutionized the overall technology ecosystem, with most of the organisations trying to implement their mobile first strategy. It is important to understand that there is a need for a strong focus on key areas to make sure that embarking on mobility solutions is not taken as an alternative approach and there is a schematic planning and management of resources. There are various reports that have suggested that in order to have a successful application, organisations as well as developers need to adhere to certain systematic steps. There is a need to emphasize on mobile analytics at a pre-development phase in order to understand the requirement and mobile strategy. There are nearly 86 percent of adult … Continue reading

SenchaCon 2013 developers conference to bring vital insights to HTML5 frameworks.

HTML5 has surely changed the overall paradigm of web applications. Gone are the days when web pages used to usher with static web pages. It is an era of responsive web design, and developers have started to incorporate various HTML5 development modules to enhance overall intuitiveness of web pages. Sencha UI is one such HTML5 framework that incorporates javascript to make it easy for developers to create highly responsive web applications. Especially built for mobile web, Sencha touch provides highly powerful libraries to developers in easy to use interface. Although, HTML5 has taken the overall web with storm, still there are various tools like sencha and kendo, that still require support from the developers community to optimize HTML5 development. In … Continue reading

Microsoft Rolls out Bing as a Platform for Developers.

As the mobile platforms are coming to the center stage and creating a whole new ecosystem of information sharing, organisations have started to take cognizance of the fact that the future for their platforms is in the hands of the developers. Microsoft in that sense has been no newcomer to this market, as it has kept a close relation with the developer community. The company has built many platforms which has yielded various new products and services. At its /build developers conference, Microsoft went ahead and made a surprising announcement. bing which was up till now known as a search engine by Microsoft has now also become a developers platform. Microsoft has opened up the gates to various tools like … Continue reading

The Future of PC is Set to Plunge with the Advent of Mobility.

Over the years, there has been a huge depreciation in the users of PCs as the tablets and smartphones have taken center stage and become a pivotal scope of all user engagement. Reports have clearly show that there has been a gradual decline in the sales of PCs ever since the smartphones tooks the market by storm. The biggest attribute in the favour of smartphones and tablets has been that they provide an added leverage of mobility and round the clock access to the information. According to the recent figures , the combined sales of computing devices is set to rise at a rate of 5.9 per cent in 2013. this will be lead by the ever increasing popularity of … Continue reading

Canvas Mobile Info Comm Jupiter Takesa Lookat Canvas 2.0

Canvas 2.0, the next generation of multipoint visualization and collaboration system for enterprises was unveiled by Jupiter system at InfoComm 2013. This newest version of Canvas adds much awaited support for Android as well as iOS devices along with many other features like instant messaging and sharing. There is also true collaborative visualization provided for the users, allowing them to share screens on display walls, mobile devices and desktops via wireless or wired network.  Jupiter system has been at the forefront of delivering collaborative visualisation solutions ranging from smartphones and desktops. Over the years, Canvas has been giving users added leverage to annotate live video streams in real time over a slew of devices. Regardless of their location, users of … Continue reading

The War of Mobile App Commerce Wages Ahead Between Android and iOS.

Apple is significantly enjoying its marveling success being the most profitable mobile platform and there is no denying the fact that the Cupertino company has surely played its hands well enough to secure the top spot. there are many reports that have revealed the number stacking in favor of Apple and its fastidious concern to design and details. According to New Forrester reports, when it comes for uses making actual purchases on their mobile devices, Apple holds the top position. The survey of 58000 U.S respondents found that shoppers of iOS are around 30 percent more likely to make a purchase on their devices. Moreover they are about 15 percent more likely to conduct product research on Tablets and Smartphones … Continue reading

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