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Google’s French Acquisition!

Google’s latest acqui-hire of FlexyCore has created much hype in the Android market. The much talked about , DroidBooster,which is a free app developed by FlexyCore, instantly boosts speed of android running apps to ten times . Google plans to integrate features of DroidBooster and Android and provide variable android flexibilities to people all over the world. The acquisition was in news since last month and the bid finally cost Google euro 16.9million.FlexyCore had shown no activity on internet from a long time.The five year old company was already into debts and this deal has helped relieve the French firm owners , from their previous financial burdens . The employees of FlexyCore have already been absorbed in the Android Team … Continue reading

The evolution of Hybrid Cloud as a viable alternative.

Cloud computing has definitely seen a steep rise over the years, with most of the organisations and users finding the viability of cloud as an imperative part of their social lives. There has been a huge expansion in the adoption of cloud services over the last few years as more and more organisations implement their core business processes over to the cloud. Moreover developers have also started to see this as a feasible option to have back end data sync support. Microsoft recently also unveiled its plans that many consumer have been waiting for eagerly to help them get onto cloud computing along with the robust office architecture of the company. What is interesting to know is the fact that … Continue reading

Exponential Adoption of Cloud Services

Cloud has become the core of all IT based business processes. Organisations to see sheer rise in the penetration of Cloud among enterprises. Most of the On-premise software solutions to be replaced by SaaS.   Security concerns still a big issue hindering the growth of Cloud.   Cloud enablers leading to better availability, adaptability and quality of service.   Enterprise applications have gotten more productive with cloud implementation.   Rise of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS among enterprise solutions.   How do these cloud services stack up against legacy processes.   Main focus of cloud computing is seamless information access rather than cost savings.   Cloud adoption leads to performance boost and upgradation in IT output.   From traditional Cloud services to … Continue reading

Corporate IT Spending Is Finally Set to Rebound-In a Big Way

In times of turmoil, the chief financial officers of the corporate sphere tighten their hold on the corporate purse. The first line item to get squeezed is usually advertising and marketing. Then hiring. Then spending on information technology. When things start looking up again, they usually loosen that hold, and the money starts flowing once more. At least that’s what usually happens. But when one crisis follows another like in the case of the first financial crisis of European debt, then the U.S. fiscal cliff—the CFOs of the world turned perpetually stingy. Technology companies, in particular, have been feeling the pain of that stinginess of late. But there’s relief in sight. Corporate investment in technology is now farther below trend … Continue reading

Google introduces Tag manager for mobile application analytics.

The era of content sharing has come forward in the form of mobile applications, which is why it has become a challenge for developers to create a market of user preferred content. This is why it has become a challenge for them to deploy conversion tracking, analytics and other tags to measure the effects on your users. But in the case of mobile applications it was highly difficult for developers to amend or track analytics as they get frozen once installed by user. the only way around for developers was to update their application regularly to implement any changes. This created a void as it was uncertain if all the user successfully updated their applications. Making even a minute change … Continue reading

Developers eyeing for the last beta of iOS7.

With the date of September 10 nearing, there are many developers of the view that the next beta would be the last update before Apple releases iOS 7 to the general public. Apple has been busy developing iOS to bring it out of beta and phase out all the major bugs. The new build is expected to have a much higher number as compared to previous releases as it near its public release. This would mean that there would be a range of under the hood changes to the OS as Apple gets ready for its main event slated to be held on 10th September 2013. Recently there have been many changes made to the iCloud service which means that … Continue reading

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