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New Dimensions In Enterprise Mobility.

Enterprise mobility market is booming at its peak and has drastically evolved over the years. Integration of mobile solution in IT infrastructure has gained more importance in enterprise. In order to gain high preference in the market, IT solution suppliers to a greater extent have started to invest more on mobility solutions. There is no denying the fact that mobile is often equated with agility and dynamism which is why is has quickly adapted to the changing conditions. The biggest challenge in front of enterprise is to have a holistic approach towards mobility with the advent of a range of platforms. As they have moved from MDM towards MAM it has become imperative for enterprise to emphasise on security of … Continue reading

Google pushes an update to its app store and social integration.

Google has released an update on Play Store that would put it in the same league as Apple app store. After recent controversies surrounding in-app purchases and how many users were duped due to cost of playing freemium applications, Apple had released an update of ensuring that users have awareness about freemium model of app delivery and in-app purchases. Now Google is also following the same path, and adding few conveniences on Play Store along with associating it with social networking community. The Play Store will now have a feature that would indicate whether an app, paid or free, comes in with an IAP(in-app purchase). The indicator will only inform and would not have any other feature. Still it is … Continue reading

Apple devices generate triple online sales in two days.

Apple yet again emerged victorious when reports were released by Adobe and IBM that illustrated which mobile ecosystem holds maximum popularity and what device was used more to buy products during Thanksgiving day and the Black Friday. The survey was done keeping in mind the third party developers and retailers. Apple devices were deployed for maximum online purchasing and iPad registered itself amongst devices used for most valuable online shopping. Adobe calculated 118 percent rise in online shopping done through mobile platforms. The sales grew by 18 percent from that of last year’s reports. Apple’s iPad showed maximum retail sales over about 2000 online shopping sites generating $417 million in sales over the two days. Iphone generated $126 million(18 percent … Continue reading

The evolution of iOS from Consumer to Enterprise Centric.

Inception of Apple’s iPhone devices has been an evolution, more than a revolution. Developed in the year 2007 by Apple, iPhone laid a tremendous impact in the technology ecosystem paving a new path for mobility to come at the centerstage. As it evolved over the years, it went on to be considered as a new way of interacting with users. In the year 2008 the release of the app store, just boosted the overall viability of smartphones and made iOS a behemoth in mobile computing. For businesses, iPhone looks like an appealing corporate solution forging custom iPhone Application Development as the proficient business solution. It created an app economy that has given concept of developing new industries and bring a … Continue reading

Blackberry speculated to support Google PlayStore in upcoming update.

There have been huge convergence going on in the field of mobile platforms as Blackberry and windows are trying hard to stay in the game. On the other hand android and iOS have taken a huge lead in terms of application database as well as user base. Now it seems that blackberry is trying a whole new approach as far as application database is concerned. Rumors are going on that Blackberry could support PlayStore in their latest BB 10.2.1 update. Ascertaining the popularity, usefulness and reach-ability of Android (especially after launch of ICS), Blackberry seems to have thought of benefiting through their mobile counterparts. This is not the first time that blackberry would be trying such a move. Even now … Continue reading

Apple new OSX mavericks server to help developers with automated bots.

At a recent event held by Apple, there were a range of updates that were brought to the forefront in the form of new iPads, and OSX mavericks. But Apple surely has some new tricks up its sleeves as it gave away the new OS as a free update for all its users. But the story does not end there, as Apple took care of its developers with new and update tools. OS X Mavericks Server lets the developers create bots that can build, analyze, and test applications very easily. This is a major upliftment for the developers as it helped create a more intuitive daily computing experience for end users. The new OS takes the advanced capabilities of Xcode … Continue reading

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