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New wave of technologies driving growth of mobile apps

The overall content discovery dimension of user engagement has changed over the years. Due to the advent of mobile devices information sharing has transformed dramatically. Connected devices allow them to access information with just a push of a button, Gone are those days when a user has to visit a website to obtain any data or information. Moreover mobile websites were seen to be intrusive with a combination of link and text as the overall user experience was below par. This led to the revolution of mobile apps that not only offered highly engaging user experience but also ensured that content discovery and search is made seamless and personal. It was the age of applications and websites became redundant in … Continue reading

Mobile apps have literally killed the web

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the future of mobility and how mobile applications have literally killed any innovation on the web. There is no denying the fact that most of the services providers are now looking for new ways to implement their mobile first strategy. With consumer centric attention now emphasising on mobile apps, there has been a huge void that has been created in the web ecosystem. As HTML5 came to the mainstream, there was a much needed respite as websites were able to close the gap between mobile apps and mobile web. Mobile applications these days follow a rich and get richer dynamics and it has been the status quo for all future innovations related to … Continue reading

The Day We Fully Become Electrically Wireless!

Technology has always been an evolving entity, with diverse dynamic at play. The technology which is playing a pivotal role in the current socio-economic ecosystem was a dream beyond recognition few years back. Same can be said about any other technology which might seem like a distant dream but can pave way for future engagement is the near future, faster than you expect. A common technological advancement that has surely changed the lives of end users has been removal of wires from our lives and induction of wireless interaction between devices. Be it information sharing via smartphone or any other wireless technology, it has a much needed impact in our lives and has made everything highly simplified. But a new … Continue reading

Apple Eyeing Cars and Medical Devices to Enter IOT Market.

  A lot has been said about the future of Apple and its innovations techniques due to which it has faced a lot of brunt lately. There is no denying the fact that over the years, the innovation quotient of Apple has been questioned by a lot of critics. This is the reason which led to the overhauling of iOS and its core features. But more importantly, it is the competition it has been facing from Android and other open source platforms which are taking the ball game of mobility to newer heights like Internet of things and connected devices. Mobility these days is not just about smartphones and tablets. It has grown far more to incorporate day to day … Continue reading

Google opens door to Chrome Cast SDK

Google has been actively engaged in providing highly intuitive and immersive user experience to its users as far as mobility is concerned. Over the last few years it has made ample ground in bringing out a range of devices with mobile first strategy in place. ChromeCast is such a digital device that was launched by Google on 24th July, 2013. The device streams audio/video files from phones to larger screen like laptops and smart televisions via WiFi or local network connection. The media files are processed through mobile and web apps that have integration with Cast SDK and are played on large screen for an enhanced user experience. The complete operability is performed through apps (mobile and web apps) and … Continue reading

Wearable technology and internet of things in post mobility era.

The current ecosystem of computing is going through a post PC era with major emphasis being laid on mobility. But as technology is a fast moving entity, there is a shift taking place towards more engaging and personalised type of computing. Market leaders like Intel have taken cognizance of that fact which is why they have been pushing forward the ecosystem of connected devices as well as wearable technology. During CES 2014, there would be much emphasis on these type of technologies in order to create a core fabric of our digital lives with the help of passive collating of data. The future would lie with micro devices that can do fast computing in fractions of seconds running data through … Continue reading

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