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Enterprise Mobility: The Journey and Some Insights.

Enterprise mobility in the last few years has gained excessive momentum and there has been colossal use of mobile devices as well as applications in enterprises. Enterprise mobility is leveraging consumers as well as end users and customer facing mobile apps have become popular channel of interaction among them. It has lead to radical transformation by connecting mobile technology with people, products and processes. Mobility has revolutionized the overall world and it has the potential to play disruptive role that helps in addressing significant challenges. Mobility can act as a key platform for combining our communal stakeholders in order to enable on-going marketing promotion. The usage of mobile applications is growing day by day, but the enterprise mobility adoption is … Continue reading

When David (android) beats Goliath (iOS)

The avenue of different mobile operating system and their subsequent growth has transformed the smartphone landscape in the last few years. As per statistics by the International Telecommunication Union, 92 percent smartphone users use either Android or the iOS. Smartphones market crossed a major milestone and the race clearly lies between Android and the iOS after being strong major contenders in the market. There are other mobile operating platforms as symbian, blackberry and windows mobile that exist far behind from Android and iOS. Both the platforms are growing for the better part of a decade and have been undergoing through a huge makeover over the years. Both these major mobile platforms have been highly forthcoming. But who actually holds the … Continue reading

Value of Enterprise mobility lies in Data

Smartphones have brought epic changes to the world of technology. They are becoming a norm and are considered an integral part of users both at work and at home. Enterprises have even developed a holistic approach by which Smartphones have become an essential for consumers and enterprises that uses mobility solutions for web surfing and accessing applications. Earlier technology protocols were limited, but now in the current scenario smartphones support 3G networks. They consist of sufficient memory, exclusive processing power and runs sophisticated applications developed globally. Technology in the current era is on a steady path of development which can lead to both opportunity and challenges in the mind of traditional CIOs executing mobility policies and applications. Technology is growing … Continue reading

The state of mobility solutions among enterprises

There are several software services that do not offer same functionality when accessed via mobile devices. These services need to be enhanced in order to offer extrinsic user experience to the corporates. According to reports nearly 174 million users would incorporate BYOD at their workplaces by the end of this year. The Shift from MDM towards MAM now has made it viable for organisation to focus on mobile applications. This brings forward the urgency to deliver apps that integrate with the existing business architecture due to the emerging needs of enterprise mobility. Enterprise Mobility solutions needs to connect traditional resources with the Cloud like SaaS (Software as a Service), so that employees can make progressive and timely decisions and manage … Continue reading

IoT will outnumber humans 3 to 1.

The Internet of Things provokes next generation internet which not only connect computers and people but everyday objects. It is gaining adherence in today’s market as the demands of the people is based on future oriented mobility. It is being assumed that within the next 10 years, there will be three times as many interconnected things in the world as there are humans. This wave of Internet technology is not only limited to high tech companies, but to all of us. There are many companies that are considering this new reality with the advent of technologies. We have been observing pivotal changes in the market with the abundance of Smartphones. Internet of things is embedding artificial intelligence in all the … Continue reading

The Different Aspects of iOS Driving the Future Growth.

The mobile enterprise applications have been on the rise ever since the two powerful platforms Android and iOS came into picture. Both the platforms have benefitted the enterprises and consumer sector rendering thorough usability to whosoever is using it. Now with the onset of Big data and Internet of Things, devices are getting connected to offer a highly magnified cosmos of connected communication. Due to this rise in mobility and analytics, iPhone app developers are greatly required in the market. Also the iOS is being reframed to add multitudinous functionality to enhance its powerful platform built. Paving the way for iOS App Development There is always a recurring debate regarding how things will change for better for the iOS. Lucrative … Continue reading

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