New Dimensions In Enterprise Mobility.

Enterprise mobility market is booming at its peak and has drastically evolved over the years. Integration of mobile solution in IT infrastructure has gained more importance in enterprise. In order to gain high preference in the market, IT solution suppliers to a greater extent have started to invest more on mobility solutions. There is no denying the fact that mobile is often equated with agility and dynamism which is why is has quickly adapted to the changing conditions.

The biggest challenge in front of enterprise is to have a holistic approach towards mobility with the advent of a range of platforms. As they have moved from MDM towards MAM it has become imperative for enterprise to emphasise on security of sensitive corporate backend data.

Cross Mobility Platforms: Mobile platforms are the key aspect towards mobile solutions which is why they ought to be feasibly designed and implemented. Over the years it has become highly vital for businesses by managing available apps on enterprise app store, providing a secure integration and finally ensuring security policy within the company. The equipment of standard libraries, framework and unified development environment fruition also advances mobility platform for development of featured mobile apps.

Mobile App Integration: The rapid transformation in business efficiency is through integration into the existing IT landscape. It pervades the whole business and is considered as the success factor in projects for mobilization of business process. Thus it crosses hierarchical boundaries by conveniently connecting different systems as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. Hereafter we get tailored mobile solutions through extension of products and enterprise specific configuration.

Adaptation to CI and security policy: Among all organizational IT departments worldwide, 89 percent organizations support BYOD. In connection with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), optimal integration of corporate rules and processes is possible through the code integrity customization of products and solutions. It ensures the security of corporate data because Real time enterprise mobility and data management are top strategic technology trends. In this targeted access, the data is limited because of defined security levels and zones.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: The companies success decides the correct implementation strategy and ease the efficient installation of mobile products and solution. Correct implementation strategy decides the success and growth of company. For efficient use of mobile solutions, training modules and materials are crucial for employees and managers.

Enterprise Mobility Benefits: Mobility has increased number of customer channels, enhanced employee communication and boosts out-of-office productivity.

  • Financial service, hospitality, healthcare have even gained 40% deployment in enterprise mobility. Representatives, dealers achieved access to calendars, messages and dashboards as CRM, BI, SCM and ERP tracking.

  • There are NFC sensors that allow users and smart-phones to read bar codes.

 Enterprise mobility is not just about the technology but a decision to change the way adopted by businesses. It is a way of managing increased number of mobile devices, networks and services in a structured business mobile computing scenario. The blend of mobility platform and professional services adheres for success in mobilizing business process.

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