Near field communications: efficient exchange of information.

Near field communication is technology that is designed to enhance the functionality of your device that let you easily share and receive information and data with everyone around you. Let’s find some amazing trends how near field communications can make your Smartphone even more Smarter.

What NFC is all about?

Near field communication is a wireless communications platform that transmits radio field at very close range somewhat within an inch. An NFC exchange includes two devices, one initiating the communication and the other target from which data is received. The target can be stated as peer, like two devices exchanging data.

  • Makes sharing easy – NFC offers accessible way for mobile handsets to communicate wirelessly with both powered devices and object remaining unpowered.
  • Wireless means – NFC offers flawless ways to stay connected with your wireless world. From your office to shopping mall to your own apartment, NFC provides repetitive tasks and lets you communicate with the other NFC enabled tags and devices.
  • Two basic modes – the case when two powered devices communicate with each other, the connection formed is called active communication mode and in Active mode, while communicating with each other both devices generate a Radio field.

Android beam and S beam

S beam integrates the best features of Android Beam with Samsung’s own capability of sharing files and content with other S beam supporting device.

  • Quick sharing – contacts, calendar, URL’S can be shared instantly through one Android Beam handset with other supporting device using NFC.
  • Touch and beam – native NFC support to Android 4.0 with Android beam is added by Google. This let you exchange contacts, apps, maps and video instantly by holding two NFC enabled devices.
  • App sharing – downloading an app is now matter of seconds. When you share any app downloaded from the Google play store Android beam, a link is send to Google play from your device and the other device will load the detailed page of app.

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