Mozilla plan to launch own Mobile application development store.

Mozilla famous for web browser Firefox and Thunderbird email client is having ambitious plans for agnostic mobile application marketplace. Mozilla has a vision of future mobile application which seems like drawing blood from the heart of internet. It is completely different from what we already practices with native mobile application development on Apple, Android and BlackBerry.

According to the sources, Mozilla is planning just another part of internet’s evolution. The web is meant to be redesigned. Mozilla has a plan to teach web the secret behind making awesome applications. This will be done through Web Runtime.

Mozilla mentioned that the vision they are talking about is not Firefox, nor Webkit. It’s a notion that says that the technologies so developed are practically capable of doing many other things. These things include web based content design using JavaScript and HTML 5 to function as stand alone application with or without internet connection on hardware.

To make these web applications easy to locate, buy and use, Mozilla is planning to offer them through App Marketplace. The business model may look similar to that followed by Apple, Google and RIM mobile application development services; the basic difference for developers and end users is a non issue.

In development of an application and launching it in market there is no need to navigate complex approval channels which are seen in case of iTunes app store or BlackBerry app world. This business model offers benefit for end users in which they don’t have to worry about looking for compatible platform again. It means that the application bought by you or downloaded is always with you no matter what device you are accessing to use it. Thus, it forms a potential shift in table or mobile computing.

While everything about this sounds very fabulous and Mozilla’s dedication to open computing will not permit companies to deploy group or user specific applications. Anyone can download anything from their app store keeping in mind no violation of laws.

Mozilla will provide source code required by individuals and organizations to construct their own private application warehouse which will restrict it to be accessed by authorized users only.

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