Mobile Gaming Holds The Key to Cross Platform App Support.

There has been an avid saying among the game publishers that the availability of a single game isn’t likely to influence the purchasing decision of customer. But that doesn’t mean that taking the first step towards mobility will not make a difference. The advent of smartphones as well as tablets have changed the whole ecosystem of gaming applications and the ways users used to perceive them.

Nowadays, mobile game applications comes packing with a lot of processing power and high definition graphics that require fast rendering. Most of the console publishers have already started to port their games over to mobile OS like Android and iOS. Mobile platforms have taken cognizance of the fact that mobile gaming can leverage their app ecosystem which is why they have been working with game publishers to bring their applications over to their platform.

While Android and iOS have enjoyed bulk of the gaming applications in their marketplace, other platforms like Microsoft and Blackberry have been trying to woo developers as well as game publishers in a big way. Blackberry even went to the extent of guaranteeing $15,000 minimum to any developer who would port their application over to their OS. Microsoft has also followed the same suit and subsidized the development of applications for its platform. Moreover, it went a step ahead by spending to the tune of $60,000 and $600,000 in order to bring big name apps to the Windows Phone Store.

On the other hand iOS and android had their handset popularity going in their favour. With more than 800,000 apps totaling 45 billion downloads, The Cupertino company has paid nearly $8 billion to the developers for their app sales. Same is the case with Google, which has seen a sheer rise in their revenue gains from the Play store.

The big question that is floating around the corridors of technology sphere is that how will Microsoft and Blackberry counter and compete with pure marketshare power of Android and iOS. They have tried to push their platform in favour of developers but still, they have been unable to put any dent in the market capture of the other two behemoths.

This also brings in the question of cross platform application support. There is a lot of talk among the developer community regarding the availability of applications across various platforms that would not only help developers but also the end users. Although there have been many projects to help developers make their application available on various platform, but until platforms itself come on board, it will be hard to stay accustomed to the everyday changes and updates.

Gaming in that aspect has been highly viable option like in the case of a popular game Angry Birds. It is the same on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. Same app and same gameplay being supported on different platforms. There are a lot of other options that also fall in the same category, which gives the feeling that although it is difficult, but not impossible. If this hurdle is overcome, then surely, mobile gaming would take a turn for good and expand exponentially.

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