Mobile Development Made Objective C as Popular Programming Language!

Objective C is the basis of all application development done for iPhone, iPad and iPod’s. In a recent survey done, it is regarded as the most popular programming language in comparison to java and C++. It is all because of the booming iPhone web application development in past few years.

Objective C was introduced with C++ only but some how C++ always remain ahead of Objective C. But after Steve Jobs, adopted this language for iPhone programming in 2009 the whole scenario altered with time. iPhone application development gave Objective C a reputation among the developers.

It is also said that Objective C and C++ have no competition with each other because C++ is used with large high performance systems and Objective C is widely used in mobile industry only. Moreover, Java is also not that much popular when it comes to developing mobile applications as per the trend.

For joining the iPhone app developer community Objective C is the main qualification. If the developer is well versed with this programming language then he can easily carry on the development process with positive results. Most of the leading development companies hold well experienced iPhone app developers in Objective C to develop high end applications.

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