Mobile Best Practices – Keys to a Successful Application.

The advent of mobility has revolutionized the overall technology ecosystem, with most of the organisations trying to implement their mobile first strategy. It is important to understand that there is a need for a strong focus on key areas to make sure that embarking on mobility solutions is not taken as an alternative approach and there is a schematic planning and management of resources.

There are various reports that have suggested that in order to have a successful application, organisations as well as developers need to adhere to certain systematic steps. There is a need to emphasize on mobile analytics at a pre-development phase in order to understand the requirement and mobile strategy.

There are nearly 86 percent of adult mobile users across the globe out of which more than half use it to access internet. but analysing the targeted audience, developers can create a more personalised experience for the end user.

The focus of the applications ought to be on precision rather than options. It has been seen time and again that developers try to implement various features in their applications giving it a wide approach. This makes the overall applications redundant which is why 76 percent of all features apps in all app stores offer unique functionality. If developers need to offer options to the end user, they need to emphasize on cross platform support.

There is also a need to plan an overall workflow before the start of the development that gives the developers vital insight on the software development life cycle. Most of the applications fail to attain their ROI, due to the inadequate planning beforehand, which leads to time and cost leakages, hence hampering the overall project.

Security is a major aspect that is needed to be kept in mind, due to a range of security alerts. Reports have suggested that there are more than 23,000 eminent mobile threats for smartphones, which is why there is a need for better security modules to be implemented while developing an application. Along with security, developers need to focus their application with performance and fluidic design elements.

An average users prefer not more than 8 seconds or 3 interactions to reach to their targeted information. This is why developers should undertake responsive design with better content availability to far greater user experience.

More than 60% of the applications encompass on SEO techniques to reach out to targeted audience via various platforms like mobile ads, social networking and other promotion networks.

These mobile marketing techniques are highly vital as it gives broader reach towards targeted audience. Users review are also vital as they provide a positive outlook of the application. Over 45% of the app installs by the end users are based on these users reviews which give an added leverage to the application viability.

It is important to understand the mobility brings a huge phase of transition in the current business processes. This why the application should be build around legacy processes so that it is easy to adjust to the transformation and attain maximum output.

Often it is seen that the application is unable to attain the output that was intended due to the coherent approach incorporated during the development phase. Overall these keys to mobile best practices are highly vital that can surely lead to a successful application deployment.

Enterprise Mobility Best Practices Market Analysis Information and Trends:

Emphasize on mobile analytics to determine the targeted audience

Focus functionality on precision rather than options

(, Digital marketing report)

Emphasize on cross platform support

Plan a workflow before starting development

Provide end to end encryption for backend data integrity( security threat report, May 2013)

 Incorporate mobile marketing techniques to promote your application

(Mobile planet data,

Emphasize on responsive design with fluidic UI and better content availability (

Build your app around current business process

Seek user review to create a positive outlook for the application

(Gartner Mobile analytics report 2012)

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