Mobile apps have literally killed the web

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the future of mobility and how mobile applications have literally killed any innovation on the web. There is no denying the fact that most of the services providers are now looking for new ways to implement their mobile first strategy. With consumer centric attention now emphasising on mobile apps, there has been a huge void that has been created in the web ecosystem.

As HTML5 came to the mainstream, there was a much needed respite as websites were able to close the gap between mobile apps and mobile web. Mobile applications these days follow a rich and get richer dynamics and it has been the status quo for all future innovations related to it. There is still a lot that needs to be done on the mobility sphere, with future innovations like internet of things and big data coming to the mainstream. Moreover there are various interactions that have paved way for intrinsic engagement in enterprises as well as businesses.

As mobility goes through the next phase of innovation it is driving mobile apps developers away from web. The crux of all future technologies is focused towards personal experiences which can be customized as per the user requirement. Internet has been unable to offer that introspect which is why the convergence of mobile apps have been widely accepted.

Information sharing that has till date driven the internet, is being accumulated in the app stores, with applications after applications being developed to simplify the user interaction in real time. Services providers have started to care less on how their websites perform, and are focusing how they can implement their mobile strategies.

The problems does not end there, but escalates further with many developers giving up on web interaction and moving towards mobility in terms of native applications. Ask any mobile application development company and they will have just one answer that mobile apps are future and websites have become redundant. There is hardly any innovation going in terms of web experience and most of the technologies that are coming to the forefront are based on mobility and mobile applications.

Although mobile web has its fair share of advantages over native applications, there is no denying the fact that apps have taken the center stage among user engagement. There are a slew of instances where an end user would generally prefer an app over mobile web. From personalization to native functionality with the devices, applications makes perfect sense. Over that the coming of age of internet of things as well as connected devices, the viability of mobile web has decreased drastically.

Most of the businesses value app users more than web users and this shift in stance from both ends has literally brought website innovation to a grinding halt. The roadmap of mobility is clear with the emergence of connected devices. The next big thing might not include web but would definitely be driven by mobile applications.

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