Microsoft Rolls out Bing as a Platform for Developers.

As the mobile platforms are coming to the center stage and creating a whole new ecosystem of information sharing, organisations have started to take cognizance of the fact that the future for their platforms is in the hands of the developers. Microsoft in that sense has been no newcomer to this market, as it has kept a close relation with the developer community. The company has built many platforms which has yielded various new products and services.

At its /build developers conference, Microsoft went ahead and made a surprising announcement. bing which was up till now known as a search engine by Microsoft has now also become a developers platform. Microsoft has opened up the gates to various tools like Bing’s Entity API, speech capabilities, optical character recognition, translation and a number of other tools for developers of third-party apps. This would be highly beneficial for the developers as it would help them create more intriguing products under the Bing service umbrella. Moreover, Microsoft also announced that it would roll out its existing Maps API for developers to incorporate its Maps services into their products.

During the announcement Microsoft termed this new platform as an engagement point between Microsoft services and developer applications to create better products for the future. Uptil now Microsoft had kept these services closed for internal use only, but now has opened gates for third party developers.

This is an interesting move from Microsoft, which wants to make Bing as a go-to-platform for developers. The Entity API would also bring the advanced satori engine at the behest of the third party developers to build augmented tools. This would not only boost the capabilities of the applications but also prove to be a turning point for developers.

The only hinderance in front of the developers would be that these services would only be available for Microsoft’s own services.. This would create a void in between developers who only want to create applications for windows platform. If Microsoft wants to go ahead make it a universal developers platform, it would have to open all the services to the developers on all platforms. Microsoft had a tough time encouraging developers to create applications for windows phone unlike android and iOS, despite its investments in Azure and Visual Studio. But this move could prove to be crucial, making Bing as a pivotal point for developers.

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