HTML5 is Redefining Mobile Optimised Website

The advent of mobile applications has surely made a huge impact on desktop computing. as users are moving towards mobility, there is a huge pressure on content providers to stay in sync with the end users and incorporate mobile apps so as to bridge the gap. But the fact of the matter is that there has been a multi-tier jump taken by users from desktop computing to mobile web and over to mobile apps.

In order to have a diversified approach, businesses as well as organisations are now looking at HTML5 that can increase the viability of their mobile optimised website. It is an era of smartphones and users tend to access more information on a mobile device rather that desktop computer. gone are those days when mobile websites were just a static page with links and text. There is a need for a more robust approach that is more intuitive as well as interactive.

HTML5 mobile optimized website is the need of the hour and many analysts have predicted that it would overtake desktop web in the coming years.

As the smartphones are becoming mainstream computing devices, it has become imperative to have a website optimized for that as a desktop website for smartphones poses a lot of hassle for users who access the website on the go. The requirements for mobile users change substantially as they look for faster load times while keeping most of the functionality of the desktop website.
Mobile web is generally considered to be a condensed and highly-functional alternative to a main web presence. Although a mobile website does not replace the main website, it is a more conducive way to engage with new clientele. HTML5 in that aspect has been an ideal tool for developers to create a highly intuitive website that can be viewed on different screen devices as per their orientation.

As more and more mobile platforms are coming into existence, it is becoming a daunting task for mobile app developers to support their application on all of them and create native applications. In that case, HTML5 is proving to be an ideal bet, as developers can easily port their application onto different platforms and have an easily optimised mobile website. HTML5 is a huge jump from the traditional HTML development as web designers don’t have to depend upon resource hogging plugins to enhance the webpage.

HTML5 has played a vital role to bring mobile web to the mainstream and create intuitive websites that usher simplistic yet interactive UI. There is no denying the fact, HTML5 brings a whole new ball into place with a simple, elegant and mobile friendly web design does not stray far away from the desktop UI. As web page design is going through a transformation with application centric approach at the forefront, HTML5 will play an important part to pave the way for an easy incorporation of a mobile optimized website.

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