How HTML5 is different from predecessor HTML4?

HTML, Hypertext Markup Language was introduced to assist web browsers to render web designs or web pages for the web users. HTML standard was implemented by World Wide Web Consortium W3C.

Now, W3C has come up with more powerful and effective modification of HTML called HTML5, means the fifth generation of HTML.HTMl5 developers are very optimistic when it comes to decide over HTML5 development or native app development.

Now, let us throw light on the enlightening differences made by HTML5 over the existing version of HTML4.

  • HTML4 API’s Vs HTML5 API’s: The foremost aim of HTML API’s is to bestow a better and reliable web development system. With HTML5, several new Application Programming Interfaces were launched. To support this difference we can say that with HTML5 the need of installing any third party plug in for audio and video has been eliminated.
  • Deletion of unwanted elements: Some of the elements targeting presentation and visual aspect of the website are replaced by the more appropriate platforms. To elaborate: in HTML5 TT and U tags are replaced by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • Improved flexibility: Undoubtedly, HTML5 said to have more flexibility than its predecessor HTML4. It shows its exceptional flexibility in handling inaccurate syntaxes.
  • HTML4 structure Vs HTML5 new elements: HTML4 has used common web pages structures like headers and columns etc. HTML5 is preloaded with preloaded structures. New elements are like: Header, footer, Section, Article, Nav and Aside.

Therefore, it clearly defines that HTML5 wins the race over HTML4. In coming years HTML5 will certainly become more powerful and transform the web development completely. Any HTML5 development company having good experience and skilled professionals can make you see these differences live in your web applications.

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