Google’s French Acquisition!

Google’s latest acqui-hire of FlexyCore has created much hype in the Android market. The much talked about , DroidBooster,which is a free app developed by FlexyCore, instantly boosts speed of android running apps to ten times . Google plans to integrate features of DroidBooster and Android and provide variable android flexibilities to people all over the world.
The acquisition was in news since last month and the bid finally cost Google euro 16.9million.FlexyCore had shown no activity on internet from a long time.The five year old company was already into debts and this deal has helped relieve the French firm owners , from their previous financial burdens .
The employees of FlexyCore have already been absorbed in the Android Team and now they are putting forward their efforts into building a stronger,faster and wider acceptance of Android interface over various low to high range of hardware platforms. Battery life is being worked upon so that newer apps downloading and extensive usage of phone and apps do not drain away the battery power.

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