Google pushes an update to its app store and social integration.

Google has released an update on Play Store that would put it in the same league as Apple app store. After recent controversies surrounding in-app purchases and how many users were duped due to cost of playing freemium applications, Apple had released an update of ensuring that users have awareness about freemium model of app delivery and in-app purchases. Now Google is also following the same path, and adding few conveniences on Play Store along with associating it with social networking community.

The Play Store will now have a feature that would indicate whether an app, paid or free, comes in with an IAP(in-app purchase). The indicator will only inform and would not have any other feature. Still it is useful for people who would know what price might come attached with the apps they are downloading or using.

Another important feature that has been announced is the activity feed. Whatever users purchase and the games they play could be shared/shown on their social networking profiles. This is similar to the scenario with other digital distributed systems. It is yet unknown if there shall be filters that will scan the activity but Play store is speculated to get associated with Google+ and user’s activity on Play store might get reflected on Google+ feed. Also, it is expected that users will be able to view a person’s Google+ profile directly from Play store. This is part of some percentage integration between the Play store and Google+.

Meanwhile Google is trying to connect all social elements so it is easier for users to review and rate accessories and commodities they purchase or hope to purchase. It has already built and upgraded a solitary interface so that Playstore becomes the de-facto app ecosystem in near future, providing users every facility that is essential and expected from a mobility solution.

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