Google opens door to Chrome Cast SDK

Google has been actively engaged in providing highly intuitive and immersive user experience to its users as far as mobility is concerned. Over the last few years it has made ample ground in bringing out a range of devices with mobile first strategy in place. ChromeCast is such a digital device that was launched by Google on 24th July, 2013. The device streams audio/video files from phones to larger screen like laptops and smart televisions via WiFi or local network connection. The media files are processed through mobile and web apps that have integration with Cast SDK and are played on large screen for an enhanced user experience. The complete operability is performed through apps (mobile and web apps) and no remote is required.

Chrome cast had limited usability when it was initially launched. There were limited set of apps that were operable through this HDMI(High definition Multimedia Interface) dongle. Netflix, Youtube and Google’s own Chrome were some of the apps that functioned through Chrome cast. In the months that followed, google partnered with other resources to add functionality to the device and offer more services to the end users. But still much could not be done through Cast as the SDK was kept close and only those service permitted by Google were able to run on that device.

Now Google has gone in favour of open platforms and provided the SDK of Chromecast to third party developers. The developers from other services who want to integrate Cast SDK in their apps can add this functionality and offer media services to end users.

In order to add multi purpose functionality to Chrome cast like multiple users playing at a time, Google has now unveiled their Cast SDK ( Software Development Kit). This availability of SDK shall make it easier for developers to cast this mechanism in apps and give enhanced user experience to customers. The Google Cast Developer Site has also mentioned guidelines on which developers should work to efficiently port their mobile and web apps into ready applications worth using on larger screens. The official developer site also presents a gist of how Cast APIs can be integrated with Android, iOS or Chrome Apps. Consequently, launching the SDK should work in good stead for Google as well the developers who wish to see more from the Chrome Cast.

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