Google is rumored to put a native iOS Gmail app in appstore

It has been three years that Apple has launched its app store and now Google is planning to launch an iOS Gmail native service for appstore. M.G. Siegler stated in his blog post that the Gmail iOS app is on the verge of launch as it is supposed that Google has sent it to Apple for its review. And, as soon as it will be approved , it will be available in the app store.

Sieglar also reported that the app looks quite good and it the expected feature of this app is the addition of push notifications for the email service.

Other possible features in this app could be introduction of priority inbox and one click starring of the mails as stated by M.G. Siegler.

It is also speculated that Gmail native app for iOS could also include features like contact icons, better threading, deep searching functionality along with Google+ can also be part of the iOS app by Google.

There are many assumptions prevailing in the market for the delay of the launch of the Gmail app. Firstly it is said that the rift between Google and Apple over Android is the reason for Apple to take enough time to give a nod to Gmail app. Secondly, it is said that Apple is bit reluctant to say yes to third party mail apps as it could hinder the popularity of their own mail program.

Now, it is a situation to watch that when Apple will give a yes to Gmail native iOS app so that users can enjoy Gmail services on their iOS systems also.

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