Flex and Flash is still there, inspite of HTML5/Javascript

There is lot of turmoil after Adobe announced its future plans for the Flex and Flash development community. Adobe announced that Flex will be contributed to the open source development. This left everyone from the community amazed and in doubt. But it is assured that Flex and Flash is not dead.

It is said that Adobe is still commited to the Flash builder and would make certain that Flash developers are able to work on Flash Builder as they use to in the upcoming release of the Flex SDK. Moreover, it is also reported that Adobe will continue to render support to already Flex contract holders.

Adobe in actual is working on two proposals including, incubation of the Flex SDK and BlazeDS at the Apache server. Along with donation of core FLEX SDK, there are some other offerings also for donation:

  1. Unreleased Spark components inclusive of Viewstack, Accordion, Datefield, Datechooser and improved Datagrid.
  2. BlazeDS which is server based java remoting and web messaging technology. It let the developers to connect very quickly to back end distributed data in real time to Flex application.
  3. FALCON, next generation MXML and Action Script compiler.
  4. Flex Testing tools for high quality Flex Development.

After Adone announced this, Adobe will no longer be the owner of the stupendous Flex. Instead, now Apache will be the owner and Flex will be governed with their own well established community rules. So, we can expect that Adobe engineers will working closely with key community leaders for new versions of the Flex SDK.

In the end, Adobe said it will surely not terminate its services to the Flex and continue supporting through Flah Player and Adobe AIR.

This all change could be due to roar of HTML5/ Javascript. These technologies has marked their strong presence on the internet in very less time. Thus giving Flex Development a hard time.

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