Facebook Revealed, Tracks Users Without Permission.

Facebbok, is a rage all over the world. The social networking site has revolutionised the meaning of connecting over the internet. It has not only helped people but also the businesses by emerging as the most rewarding social media marketing.

From last few months, Facebook has brought plenty of changes to its outlook, making it more real time, as user can get an instant update about his/her friends activity on the Facebook. But, with all these modifications, one truth that got revealed about Facebook is that, it tracks the users even after they sign out from the website. It was reported in the USA that Facebook, keep track of its 800 billion users all around the world even when they have signed out. All credit goes to the giant cookies.

The concerned tracking data of the user can be about political bent, religions, sex preferences, health issues or may be serach for the new job. According to the reports there are two different big cookies, which creates the 90 day log which allows this social networking site to explore the websites that its users visited or accessed.

But, it is also said that Facebook is tracking its users without any prior knowledge and permission, And, this can be regarded as the most unfair and deceptive way of doing the business. But defending itself, Facebook said that it is not using the tracking system for the promotions through social media marketing or user specific ads.

Although, Facebook spoke person explained that this all tracking is because of the software bugs and is not an intentional tracking. When they were actually informed that there some cookies that are actually reporting and collecting more information than they are supposed to. They fixed that cookies and its management system.

It might be possible that such bugs actually helped Facebook to gain more business.

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